On Fire

Numb fingers

tingle, hands burning

What’s the deal

You’re failing

After all these years typing

How could you do this


Getting old

Tendon overload

Short circuits

Jolting pain

You click away, wrist lights up

Can’t stop now


Fingers, please don’t fail me

You must help

I’ll slow down

You still have more words to type

Carpal tunnel hurts

Today at d’Verse, Grace asked us to write a poem personifying a body part. I chose to write about my hand that seems to be developing carpal tunnel syndrome. My fingers get numb and sometimes I wake up in the night with my hand feeling like it is on fire. I have cut back on my typing, switched to my left hand for the mouse, got a wrist brace, and do some exercises to stretch out the tendons. It is much better that it was a couple of months ago.

Today I am trying the Shadorma form for my poetry for the first time. I hope I got it right!

Join us at: https://dversepoets.com

71 thoughts on “On Fire

  1. I do hope it gets better Dwight, we want to keep reading the delightful posts of yours.
    The stretches should definitely help. Some years back I saw a move towards ergonomic keyboards and all that, but I don’t see a product that was commercially successful, which is bad!

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  2. This is too familiar for comfort, Dwight. I’ve been suffering with numb fingers and burning hands on and off for years. You have my utmost sympathy. Now my fingers have come out in sympathy too – I had to double check for typos!

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  3. Voice activation has come a long way and is incredibly cheap. My son, who is a terrible speller, has it on his cell phone. ❤

    Your poem is very relatable, Dwight. I have aches and pains from being on the computer in the degenerated discs of my middle back, not in my hands. Take care, and enjoy your weekend! 🙂

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  4. Yup, you got it right… except the computer combined the first two lines in the second stanza. I can tell you wrote them as a 3+3. Your topic spoke to me .. my fingers feel stiff sometimes, too! I’m glad you tried the Shadorma, {{{Dwight}}}. Fun, huh? ❤

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  5. I feel as if I were born at a keyboard, I’ve been typing for so long. I can’t imagine whatever in the world I’d do with myself if my fingers gave out on me! Perish the thought!

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  6. feeling your Pain Dwight through your words.
    I know well as my work with massage and training. I had it once so bad as well.
    Glad you are doing all of the necesary things. Remember to stretch your extensors on the front of the forearm as well. Did in with your elbow there and it loosens it too. And I know you hate to hear it but less tine on the computer will help too. 💖

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