Whacked Out Bluebird (limericks)

There was a silly blue bird named Winnie-Jo

Who saw her reflection in the window

She mounted an attack

And into the window she went smack

But she still thought she was seeing Mary-Jo

Time after time she attacked

Each time her body went smack

As Charlie Joe watched

She never gave up

He thought, “Wow! This bird is whacked!”

What must be going through Winnie-Jo’s mind

As she chases those phantom feathers sublime

But then who can blame her

She never had a mirror

So she didn’t realize it was her all the time.


Photos. Dwight L. Roth

April Fools: These are not just silly limericks. Winnie-Jo is nesting in my bird box on the grape Arbor. She comes by every day and flies at her image reflected in my window. Now it is only a half-hearted gesture, but she seems not ready to give up. Her mate sits nearby and watches without trying it himself. Smart bird!

This is Open Link night at d’Verse Poets Pub. Lillian told us a hillarious true account of her experience in the great Boston snowstorm. Click on the following link to read it: https://dversepoets.com

87 thoughts on “Whacked Out Bluebird (limericks)

  1. I love the name Winnie-Jo for your whacked-out bluebird! We once had a bird visitor whom we named Psycho Robin because he kept banging his against the sliding glass door. We think he must have had some kind of brain damage.

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  2. Oh poor thing, her head must be killing her. Her mate just watching quietly, as she continues on her tantrum, he does what makes do best. Sits and shuts up until she’s done. Lol love the action and non action photos. It’s funny but not funny. Good limericks though Dwight. 🐦

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  3. She no doubt thinks someone is threatening her nest. This is classic “being your own worst enemy” stuff! Last year we had a catbird that flogged himself against the window for days on end. Some say it is bad luck, but I think it’s just a misguided bird!!

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  4. Ha! This brought laughs! Love the limerick form, too!
    Well, I can relate to Winnie-Jo! 😉 😀 And she is quite the go-getter!
    What an understanding and patient man she has in Charlie Joe! 😉 🙂
    They make a great pair!
    🐰 🌷 🐣 🕆 🐇 🌷

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