Americans One and All

“Teach your children well…”

Most of us will remember when Hurricane Harvey came through Huston Texas a couple of years ago, the city was flooded, homes were destroyed and people were stranded needing help. This year a different but similar storm hit Dallas Fort Worth with ice and snow, freezing pipes, crippling the electrical grid, and contaminating the water. In both cases people came to assist and offer help. This kind of coming together to help is what America is really all about. I wrote this poem after the hurricane, but it could just as well apply today.

“Forty Days and Forty Nights”

“The rains came down and

The floods came up”

Water deluge seemed endless

Twenty-trillion gallons of water fell

No Ark available for people or animals

Only Texans reaching out with mini arks

Carrying friends neighbors and strangers

To safety on dry land

No discrimination hate or bigotry here

Only concern to help one’s neighbor

Not Republican or Democrat

Politics is left for the judgmental talking heads

Not African-American or White or Latino

Just Americans helping Americans

Concern for one another’s safety

Supersedes all other strongly held labels

Except for a few smallminded newscasters

Who lost their sense of focus

Making light of the First-lady’s heels

Leaving with her husband to support the victims

The true Americans one and all

Manifested themselves in Harvey’s wake

Working tirelessly to help others in need

We must remember and learn from this

When the waters recede and dry land reappears

We are more than politics race or creed

With one heart one spirit and concern for each other

We are Americans one and all

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Life’s GPS

Life is like a GPS

with every change in direction

it has to reset itself

to get where you are going.


Just as true in the spiritual realm

God’s Spirit shows us the way to go

We often choose our own path:

get off track

headed the wrong way

sometimes crash and burn;

But our Spiritual GPS

resets and lets us know

what needs to be done

to once again turn around

and head in the right direction.

I read a post from a blogger friend, Astrid, Life’s Adventure and Disability | Astrid’s Words , this morning. It inspired the opening line to this poem. The application to our spiritual life seemed to fit in so well, so I wrote this poem. Click on her link to read her poem.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Say it Now

‘This being human

is saying, “I love you!”

Before it’s too late…

Realizing that sharing

our love is being human

Today at d’Verse, Kim asked us to use a line from Rumi’ poem Guest House. We are to start out with, “This being human is…” and write a poem expressing what it means to be human.

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Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Why Believe?

“Why would anyone believe in God?” Or for that matter, “Why would anyone not believe in God. “I prefer keeping in mind even the possibility that existence has its own reason for being.”

Such were the conversations between the old preacher and his grandson. His son did not follow in his steps and had left the church at an early age. Grandson Charlie, now a university student, decided to challenge Grandpa’s long held faith.

“Why do you believe such nonsense, Grandpa,” he asked. “You can’t begin to prove any of it.”

“Well, son, take a look at that daffodil blooming in the sunshine. Do you know anyone who could make a living breathing flower that is as wonderfully complicated as that?” “Some say it all just happened over time, but I believe the God of creation brought everything into existence for a reason.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’verse, we are writing Prosery. This is where we are giving a line from a poem and asked to write a story of exactly144 words that includes that line. Merril gave us this line: “I prefer keeping in mind even the possibility that existence has its own reason for being.” from polish poet Wislawa Szymborska’s poem, “Possibilities”  

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Turtling on a Log

Six turtles necking

On Lover’s Log in the pond

Their hot blood pumping


Sun’s bright rays coming on strong

Wondering who’ll get lucky

Two slide in to chill

Leaving four seeking a thrill

Long necks stretched …entwined


With hot lovin’ on their minds

Warm chills up and down their spine

Two more slide away

Into the green pond they spill

Rita and Bill stay


Will Rita’s love want to play

Or will he send her away

Rita cozies up

But Big Bill’s not in the mood

Now Rita’s long gone


Leaving Bill alone to brood

Wondering what he did wrong

I wrote this Haikai poem in renga form, but it is not a true renga since it is not a collaboration. I did both the first and second voice with the asterisks showing the divisions. Renga is a Japanese form that is written in collaboration with another person; each verse and response becoming more boisterous. We went to the Dogwood Park today, where we saw this row of turtles lined up on a log in the middle of the pond. It was so cute… the pairs were neck and neck in the sunshine. So, that is how I came up with this silly renga!

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

I posted this earlier this week. Since many of the d’Verse Poets Pub group have not seen this one. I am putting it up for open link night.

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Spring Travelers

Now that Spring is on the way, I am anxiously waiting for this beautiful bird to appear. The Rose Breasted Grosbeak comes through each spring and stops to eat at my bird feeder. He shows up around Easter, when my lilac is blooming. His gorgeous colors make him stand out against the green foliage of Spring.

Spring traveler stops

Enjoys seeds at my feeder

Summer home awaits

Fregrance of Springtime

Perfumes the air with sweetness

Kiss Covid goodbye

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Venturing Out Again

Today is the anniversary of the Covid-19 shut down in the United States. We had no idea what was going on, and it seemed no one else did either. Travel bans, restrictions, quarantines, hospitalizations, and deaths all came together for the perfect storm. It has been a very different year for all of us.

We celebrated our 50th in the summer of 2019 with a European River Cruise. We are so thankful that we were able to do this before all the Covid restrictions came down. We are waiting for our second shot, and the ability to feel safe going to restaurants, church, and travel to visit family once again. Hopefully you are doing well also.

Hiding in shadows

Missing travel, family, friends

Spring brings warm fresh air

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Dubbs Rat

Today I followed this cut up custom job down the road. It gives a whole new meaning to short-bed pick-up! He had a beer keg strapped on the bed for his gas tank. His 357hp Chevy V-8 engine had a lot of power. He left me in the dust; but, I seem always catch up at the light or the next string of slow cars. It is great to see the creativity people come up with when they get inspired.

Old Chevy pick-up

4-barrel under the hood

Recall summers past

iPhone Photos: Dwight L. Roth