Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms lead the Spring parade. Along with flowering pear, and redbuds they provide a glorious silhouette against the deep blue sky. I took this photo in my neighborhood this morning. Cherry blossoms are a great symbol of new life and light as we lead into Easter this coming weekend.

Cherry blossoms shine

Painting warm soft spring snowflakes

Soon wrapped in deep green

At d’Verse, Frank asked us to write our Monday Haibun on the theme of cherry blossoms. I waited to post till today so I could show you the beautiful cherry blossoms I see as I pass in and out of my neighborhood.

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45 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms

  1. Love the cherry blossoms in spring. I grew up in Washington, DC, and our family always visited the trees given to the US, I think, by Japan. Thanks for the photo and for your poem! Ps: I wrote a song a while back about how falling tree petals (from cherries and magnolias and other flowering trees) are similar to snow… Maybe I’ll share a link in my next blog post….

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  2. Really beautiful photo Dwight, and a wonderful haibun! The closing haiku is especially captivating. The unexpected death of my Edgrrr, and my daughter and son surprising me big time with the unknown name, and a photo of my birth father — and name of the woman that gave birth to me 74 years ago, has had me distracted. In April, I will turn my attention back to the CD you sent me. I did not even know my kids had gone genealogy mining. What a mind blower to look into the face of an heretofore unknown man, snd see yourself clearly, as well as your daughter and son. Joseph Lawrence Perrmann and Evelyn Tieke — my birth father and mother. My children floored me with this Dwight!

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    • Thank you Rob! There is no rush. Take your time. What a wonderful gift your children have given you. I can see how that has captivate you. It is wonderful that they found your parents and photos as well. Enjoy! The CD can wait!

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  3. Aw. SIGH. They do, indeed. Beautiful, Dwight!!! Your photos AND your Haibun! 🙂

    BTW: I just put up a post about WP’ers who’ve written books, created artwork, etc.
    Please come by and share a link to your books (in my comment section) so people can find them and buy! 🙂

    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  4. Great photo, Dwight. I had cherry apple and pear trees, back when I lived in New York. The cherry was my favorite. Here in Missouri, I had a redbud. It was taken down in Sept. 2019 by a recently dead hickory in my side/back yard. The main trunk was more than 60 feet in height, and it happened to fall directly onto the fork of the redbud, 40 feet away, splitting it almost to the ground. I miss the color of that redbud. I sawed it off to about 18 inches, and I now have two 10 ft, stems growing out of it, so who knows?

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  5. Very beautiful sight and picture. Cherry blossoms are not usual in India, but we have few streets in our place lined with them. They have been on bloom recently and are a beautiful sight.

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