Two Different Perspectives

A few years ago I painted this waterfall. It started out from a completely different perspective. It was originally a painting of Looking Glass Falls in the Pisgah National Forest, NC. I had it sitting upside down in my garage. When I looked at it, I loved the way the perspective of the overhanging rocks changed as the painting rotated. I decided to turn it sideways and paint the waterfall flowing from the opposite direction.

The bottom painting was the original and the top painting is the redo. I added in more rocks and extended the waterfall to the bottom. I like the way it turned out. If you rotate the bottom painting you can see how the perspective changes.

Rotation changes

Rocks and water perspective

The world keeps turning

Paintings: Dwight L. Roth

44 thoughts on “Two Different Perspectives

  1. Cheers for your observation, chance that the painting was standing on its head, and all that led to another great painting. This is what is great about poems and painting, the unlimited creativity it allows. You can turn the world around, literally.
    I really like both the paintings. The second one created after reversing makes me think what fun it would be to walk along the rocks and reach the edge of the waterfall πŸ™‚
    Lovely poem too, interesting about “the world keeps turning”. You turned the world around Dwight, and created a new world here πŸ‘

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  3. I do this occasionally with music I write: making a slow piece, fast, and the reverse. Once, I was supposed to talk to a non-musician class at the university about a piece of electronic music I’d written. I was a bit late for some reason and when I got there, they were already listening to the reel-to-reel tape (this was a long, long time ago)…at the wrong speed, and enjoying it thoroughly!

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  4. Wow! Dwight, this is a really great post and your message is so true. Love both paintings but the second appeals to me a bit more. You might want to try doing that with all your drawing and painting. I would really encourage you to read “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”, if you haven’t yet. It is an amazing book. If you do read it, don’t skip the exercise of drawing a self-portrait or you will never have a way to show anyone how much you have improved after reading the book. It really is awesome. One of the ways that help people draw is to turn the source upside down. The secret is that the mind then looks at it as just lines and not an object. It’s a five stars from me. Great post, Dwight!

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    • Thank you so much Chuck, for your kind affirmation! This was such an interesting epiphany of sorts! I have not read the book you mentioned. I will have to look it up. There is so much in life that we see from only one perspective, when we could broaden our view and opinion of things if we looked from another’s perspective. I really appreciate you great comemnt!

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      • If you purchase that book and read it and do the exercises – please be sure to do the first self-portrait when asked/scheduled, because if you don’t you won’t have a before and after portrait – you are asked to do another self-portrait after you have learned more and read through the book. If you don’t, you won’t have a before and after to show how much you have improved in such a short period of time.

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  5. It’s intriguing to observe how a little change can change one’s perspective. Thank you for sharing this post. The writing speaks of depth of our perspective changes the world around us. The paintings are beautiful and mesmerizing. They seem to spread calmness.

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