56 thoughts on “First Bloom

  1. What a cheerful, golden blog post with which to start a rainy Saturday. THANK YOU! You must live somewhere a bit more southerly than I do. Yesterday the first snowdrop appeared (!!) in my side yard,and a few crocus have started sticking their little green fingers out of the soil. I live near Boston and planted some of them last fall when our national political drama was quite intense, hoping for blossoms — both actual and metaphoric — this spring. My favorite line in your poem is: “Buds waiting their turn.” I will join your daffodil buds and patiently wait for the beauty of spring to arrive here in the Boston area.

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    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. Yes, we are in North Carolina, and about a month a head of you in Boston. it won;t be long. Spring is on the way in more ways than one. Hopefully we can all start poking our heads up out of our burrows soon!


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