Living Above the Pain

Somewhere above the pain there is life

A place where one can live and function

Where hopes and dreams can still be achieved

Living above the pain does not make it go away

It only allows one to be in control

Pain lies rooted in one’s being

A constant reminder

Rearing its ugly head

Vying for control

Only to be suppressed once more

By hope determination and faith

Unwilling to resign oneself to fate

Knowing that above the pain

Above the pills

There is light and hope

It is a choice one must make

Every day all day long


*A tribute to my wife Ruth, who makes this choice every day, all day long!

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

59 thoughts on “Living Above the Pain

    • * a lot of practical wisdom to me. As I look around my close associations, I see people who would benefit from such a way of life, including me too.
      And fittingly, I hear almost the same philosophy from my wife.
      I liked reading this a lot, and it affirms some thoughts and actions that were going through my mind today, thanks Dwight for sharing. And kind regards and lots of respect to Ruth, for practicing and help spread the principles of living with joy above pain through her actions 🙏

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      • Thank you Deb! I really appreciate your comments and that this post was helpful to you. I am sorry that you are living with some pain that affects your daily life! Thank you for your kind comments.


  1. I needed to see this today and I thank you! I suffer from chronic pain along with other health issues. It is hard to push through each day, but I try my best to rise above the pain! Your wife sounds like a truly amazing person!

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  2. Dwight, a lovely tribute to your wife. Very beautiful poem. ❤ My late husband was a quadriplegic who had amazing accomplishments in his short, challenging life. We were together for 18 years before he died at age 45.
    He was also a very kind and loving person, husband, and father.

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  3. This is excellent poetry for chronic pain. I have hip pain everyday. 2 surgeries later it is still there…but, I choose to rise above it. I choose to find meaning and trust in God’s plan for me. I am saddened by other’s suffering, but good to know that I am not alone. We can all do this and find the way to rise above the pain.

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