Write For Yourself

Write for one’s self

Only then will it have meaning

and depth that speaks to others

Forms are fine and fancy words too

But, if you really want to connect

your words must all ring true

Choose not to write for accolades

of unknown publishers who read

multitudes of words each day

with swiftness and care-less speed

Write first for yourself

Share with friends who see

Who feel the depth of your soul

For that’s all your writing should be

So, write your stories and poems for you

You might even put them into a book or two

and give them to folks you care about

And friends folks who care about you

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today is open link night at d’Verse Poets Pub. Over the past few years, I have seen many different kinds of bloggers. Most write from a perspective that is special to them. Some write in hopes of getting lots of likes and comments, which is nice. Others write for several prompt sites such as d’Verse. Still others write so they can promote themselves or products on their site. But for me, I like to write for myself. I feel if I do that and others enjoy it, that is satisfaction enough. It is wonderful to connect with all of you and I love doing the prompts on d’verse, And, I do enjoy all the likes and comments and an occasional reblog. Most of all I want to write meaningful poetry that says something that connects with others. I will let you be the judge of that!

Join us at: https://dversepoets.com then click on Mr. Linkey to read more.

118 thoughts on “Write For Yourself

  1. I remember reading something Confucius talked about that your poem reminds me of. He broke it down into actions done for “profit” and actions done altruistically. Some say there is no such thing as an altruistic act. I disagree.

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  2. How do you go about having someone go through tour stuff to make sure it makes sense. When it comes to rhyming poetry I think it sounds ok but when someone else reads it the rhythm is not the same.
    Did you just bite the bullet?

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  3. Lovely Poem Dwight and a lovely reminder of sharing and writing our story for the joy and love of it. At the end of the day, that’s truly what matters most. I do love your gifts of the heart written down in to words to share as a legacy of your love. ❤️ Cindy

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  4. The blood thirsty for accolades and ratings have driven most poets to sacrifice meanings and truths at the temple of rhymes. To connect with others and heal society’s e wound through our poetry, poets should endeavors to connect with others through their meaningful passionate words that are not divorced from reality. Roth, permit me to call you ‘a sage poet’. Your poetic message rings out so true and loud.

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  5. Lovely. This poem speaks to me, especially this “Write for one’s self / Only then will it have meaning / and depth that speaks to others”, since I’ve been thinking about my motivation to write.
    In the past, when I started to write, inspired by authors I admired, I did day-dream a lot about prizes, fame, money, etc. But I only came to like my writing when I started to write about what I feel, what keeps my mind busy, or what I wish for – in short: it felt true when it came from a place within me, without thinking about what it might lead to.
    By now, I write to express myself and to process things, and I write for people who might relate or feel similar. I would lie if I said I don’t like validation – quite the contrary, but I feel like I’m not alone at all in the writer’s community – or that I don’t want to make a bit of money with my writing, but it certainly isn’t the main motivation anymore.

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    • Thank you Nadja for your wonderful response. You have learned a valuable lesson… to be true to your self. Yes, we all enjoy the validation, but you are right that should not be our main goal!


  6. I love this and of course you are right ~~ I feel that by authoring a blog, I’m leaving a piece of the real me behind for family and friends. I also self publish my poems, thus far, seventeen hard cover books / poetry and photography/art. Cheers!

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  7. ‘if you really want to connect
    your words must all ring true’

    I agree with you 100% on this Dwight. You can use all the fancy words you want, but if they’re not the words of your heart they will fall on deaf ears. You write for yourself but your words ring true to many!

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  8. it so cool information, thanks, this is my self roule in the world net is respect… before sharing something with the world we must accepted we are and our close community first then, we will be writing something for this moments and the next generation

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  9. I write always for myself first, but I am hoping for a connection and a way to reach a wider audience. I’m learning like everything, it all just takes time. Those that are genuine will find us and we can share in thoughts, advise and sometimes just connect. Since Falling into this blogging community, I have already found such amazing talented persons just like yourself. I look forward when I have the chance to stop in and see what those I have met are doing. It’s such a great thing to be able to connect to creative all over the world. Thank you for sharing the beauty you see and write about. I am truly enjoying following you.

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    • Thank you so much for checking me out and reading and especially taking time to comment. It is a wonderful community of very supportive people, who like your self are looking to connect with more than just form and poetic theatrics. I love the interchange that takes place.

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  10. Very nicely put, Dwight! I remember you giving me this advice after I wrote ‘Who are you’ (a Hendecasyllabic poem) I haven’t forgot it and I think too that remaining faithful to the art is most important. Everything else is side business.

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  11. Truer words have never been spoken, dear Dwight. I think a lot of people feel that type of ingenuity when they’re not truly writing for themselves, but rather for what they see as an outcome or reaction. There’s nothing wrong with that, I sometimes do the same, but I recognize that if I personally am not writing for me as well, I can’t live entirely in the writing. A sort of disconnect or fatigue if it’s not for my own self at all.

    Just my thoughts on that, don’t mind my rambles. 😀 I agree with everything you said here and more. Write because we want to, write because there are others who care and want to see us grow, write because, above all, it’s something that we want to improve, see, and hold in our arms knowing that pride of making yourself proud.

    Such a lovely piece.

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  12. I can relate to that advice. I decided it was time to try writing stuff I don’t get to write in my job. I’m hoping that a few readers will come along for the ride. It’s interesting to learn about other writers’ motivations and perspectives.

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  13. I always find it extremely reassuring when I read something like this, for it reminds me that I don’t have to veer far from what feels right to me, and to trust my instinct. Thank you for this read x

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