Truth and Lies

Very unsettling to see

truth and lies woven into the same strand

Hypnotized by strong need to believe

when obviously on shaky ground

Being right at all cost

closes eyes to see what went down

Feeling all is lost

Settling into the quicksand around

Truth and lies come in many forms

People believe what they want to hear

Everyone takes their stand

as truth and lies are woven into the same strand


Painting – Dwight L. Roth

74 thoughts on “Truth and Lies

  1. Thank you, Dwight, for being the voice of reason and saying what needs to be said. Your poem and painting effectively point to the reason people believe the propaganda.

    I had never been able to understand how people could be so gullible! One night we watched a news program we would not normally watch to understand. As I listened, it seemed very convincing until I analyzed what was actually being said. 10% falsehood intertwined with 90% reality made me say, “Wait a minute!!!!”

    Take care!

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  2. So realistically true. Truth and lie don’t even matter to most people again. While lies are easy to tell and believe, truths are hard to believe and accept. Your poem calls to mind the hypocrisy in our contemporary world today. What a great poetic piece Roth!

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  3. Truth in your poem!
    Gorgeous colors in your painting! A perfect pairing for your poem’s message!
    Gotta’ watch out for the thorns.
    It’s a weird confusing time to me. I think most of us want the facts and we’ve not gotten them from our gov’t in too long. ;-(

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