64 thoughts on “Crystal Ball

  1. “clutching winter’s full moon..slip through..”.
    I can feel that visual before my mind’s eye πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ. Beautiful and magical image. Yes, that’s the way it is. Some people and objects are created to reflect the radiance and glory of others- yet in that process/state they are
    ‘gloriously enthroned’.

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  2. Beautifully mystifying! Seems we both have some beef with the moon. πŸ˜€

    But, really, this is such a wonderful piece. Isn’t the moon so fascinating? She is a lady heiress of beauty and darkness that we can try to capture, but never reach with our hands. Love this piece.

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    • Yes very mystifying! It is easy to see why people attributed powers to the her. I loved the way the branches were wrapped around like they were trying to hold on tightly. Nothing holds the moon or changes her cycles. She is a true feminist!! :>) Thank you so much Lucy!

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  3. Okay! The words describe the image perfectly! Imaginatively! Those fingers on the bare skeletal tree reaching out for the moon!
    And if I just read the words, and wouldn’t know of the image….I might imagine some ominous force trying to take over the night but the glorious moon overcomes!

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