Big Valley Pennsylvania (Travel)

Horses and buggies can be found clopping up and down the roads of Kishacoquillas Valley in Central Pennsylvania. Big Valley lies between the towns of Lewistown and Huntingdon. It is the home of a great number of Amish and Mennonite Farmers, who, along with many others farm, this beautiful valley. People there refer to their home as Big Valley. It is the home of many of my ancestors on both sides of my family. It is one of the most beautiful places in the country. These are a few of the sights you might see on a visit there.

Memories and roots

grow deep in rich black soil

Ancestors rest here

My mother’s home
My father’s home
The Crossroad

58 thoughts on “Big Valley Pennsylvania (Travel)

  1. I’m reminded of similar sights in NY State where there are communities such as above. There is something very special about coming upon a horse and carriage leisurely making its way down a secondary highway. In the areas I’ve been in, they don’t use hydro .. I thought I spied hydro lines ??

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  2. Oh what a special tribute Dwight to this beautiful valley and your relatives.
    Your mom’s home is spectacular. We are lucky to see the horse and carriage in our wonderful town upon occasion and horses are a daily occurance. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures with us.💖

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