The Way to the Top

Some inherit their position with little effort

Entitled and inexperienced leaves little empathy

Social status // production // and the bottom line

It’s their way or the highway…

The way to the top usually starts at the bottom

Hard work providing experience and understanding

Brings success

Today at d’Verse Lisa asked us to write a quadrille of exactly 44 words using the prompt way. Join us at: then click on Mr. Linkey to read more…

George Washington at Valley Forge stamp art: Dwight L. Roth

50 thoughts on “The Way to the Top

  1. The road to the top usually starts at the bottom. I do like this line….sadly, some circumvent those beginning steps to the detriment of others. It makes me think of the statement “Women can be women’s worse enemies.” Before my rejuvenatement (never say retirement), there was one woman in our university, she had risen from secretary to a very high level administrative position….and sadly, she was one who while climbing the ladder, stepped on the hands of any women who dared to climb up behind her. A helping hand is often needed and so appreciated.

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