Reflections on the Dream

Reflections on Grant Park 2004 – 2021 11/4/08

I saw America gathered on a cold November night

Black and white, yellow and red with all blends in sight

I saw America gathered together as one people on the lawn

Children of integration, people of hope, “silver spoons,” and ghetto moms

I saw America gathered with joy stretched and reaching

College Students, blue collar workers, business men, and teachers

I saw America gathered “One Nation Under God”

People of all faiths, people of no faith, all with hope for what the future holds

I saw America gathered a shining light to the world

Examples of hope, oneness, unity, and love, speaking with one voice

I saw America gathered watching History on a new track

Bringing down walls of race and fear that for too long held us back

I saw America gathered fulfilling ancestral dreams

Of Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King

I saw America gathered to let the whole world know

That differences can be transcended and peace can be attained.

I saw America gathered and it made me very proud

To be part of this great country where voices can be heard loud

I saw America gathered and I prayed, that God would give

Our new president wisdom. as on this difficult path we live

I saw America gathered together as he spoke

With humility and pride, confidence and strength, wrapped in words of hope

I saw America gathered, eager to open a new door

Not black or white, rich or poor, simply Americans

…and nothing more!

*Back in 2008 after the disastrous Bush years of the invasion of Iraq, I and many other Americans were drawn in by Obama’s message of Hope and Change. Although the “Hope and Change” did not turn out the way I had anticipated, watching the crowd who came out to see President elect Obama at Grant park in 2008, to me, was a very moving experience. Immediately following I was inspired to write this poem at midnight as I watched it play out live on TV.

Sadly the desire to work together was immediately crushed by partisan politics, both then and now. Division and polarization has brought great harm to the country. Many of the dreams expressed in Grant Park that election eve seem to have gone up in political smoke!

Now, as President Biden begins his term, many of these dreams are revisited. This poem is my naïve dream that we could all come together, as they did in Grant Park, to create the Hope and Change our country needed.

Posting this on d’Verse open link night. I read this today on our virtual poetry group this afternoon. It was so great to see and hear everyone who participated.

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74 thoughts on “Reflections on the Dream

  1. This is truly so beautiful and hopeful Dwight. I remember the same feelings although I wasn’t there. Last night had the same ring with such an incredble message and speech imparted by President Biden and what a tribute and message to our country that Bush, Clinton and Obama stood together in support and offering their support. Hoping we can get things accomplished.❤️

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  2. Listening and watching yesterday, I once again felt my heart swell with joy and pride. The civility, respect and hope, reminded me of that November day in Grant Park it was a wonderful moment in history to witness it. You’re words beautifully express the hope of that day.

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  3. I’ve been around long enough to have seen some truly turbulent times come and go, DR, and you capture that very well here. It was great to hear you read & be able to put a voice (& face) to the fine work(s) you present. Salute.

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  4. A powerful rhythmic anthem. I had a poem back then that started “I wish President Bush would have a dream / like the one that Ebenezer Scrooge had…

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  5. I like this poem very much. We (humans) need dreams, hope, joy to move forward, to make good choices. Much has been learned about division, the new types of politics worldwide, the influence of the internet and more. We can only keep trying to figure out justice and democracy in the States, in Canada (where I am) the UK, Europe and hopefully in every nation. (pardon my verbosity, I’m feeling a bit of sadness about my own government which held much more promise than it has delivered)

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  6. What a wonderful poem. The last four years have been disastrously destructive to the America we so long for, as the flames of discontent have been constantly fanned. Prayers for President Biden.

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    • I appreciate your kind words and your kind affirmation. I felt very strongly about it at the time. It was amazing to see people from all walks of life coming together. It is a shame that partisan politics stonewalled everything he tried to do!

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  8. It was wonderful hearing you read this poem, Dwight. It was a time of hope–that as you said was soon blocked. And this time of horror, it is so good to feel hope again. And look at the diversity in this new administration!!

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