39 thoughts on “Rise Above

  1. I really like your soaring condor painting and the accompanying poem. I interpreted the first three lines differently than what the second two lines stated. I saw the first three lines as two different approaches to life, one not better than the other, just different.

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  2. Wonderful post, Dwight! ❀ Love the bright colors in the painting. Lovely Tanka.

    I am struggling to rise above the negative feelings over the attack on our capitol. There are new threats on the internet tonight of a repeat performance on the 17th. I hope someone will pay attention and guard the perimeter this time!

    Part of the problem may be that my late husband used to work for Senator McCain in the capitol building, and I visited there many times.. We attended concerts and had picnics on the lawn and watched fireworks from the capitol steps. DC was home for seven years and I explored most of it on foot. It is just so painful to see it under attack!

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    • It was an awful thing to watch play out in real time. I am sure they will be well prepared for inauguration day. The lack of protection planning for the march seems questionable to me. I can see why you feel so strongly. I felt that way and i do not have all the connections you do to the Capital.

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