Stunned Bird

The grease imprint of a dove that hit my window…

Birds fly into my window from time to time crashing into a sky of glass and an image of illusion. Stunned they fall to the ground or circle back to the trees, only to do it over again on another sunny day. Being territorial they are trying to attack the illusion of another bird intruding into their territory, and only hurt themselves in the process.

Seems we are seeing this play out today in DC, as our Lame-Duck President continually tries to incite followers to attack the illusion of an intruder stealing his space. Over and over he keeps hitting the glass sky and is now looking like that stunned bird that hit my window.

Protesters gather

Attacking an illusion

Stunned bird thinks he won


This is a stunned finch that hit my window. You can see the twisted claw. He eventually was able to fly away.

30 thoughts on “Stunned Bird

    • Thank you Cindy! The metaphor seemed to fit so well the his disillusionment about the election! So sad to see this kind of thing going on. It is time to learn to live together with our differences. Crazy violence never works on either side of the aisle!

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      • You are so welcome Dwight! It fit so well. Me too!!! It’s unfathomable. Lots of prayer and love for our country right now and our world. Hate to see the Covid numbers after that debacle. ♥️🙏


  1. I’ve watched birds hit windows…I always wonder after they’ve flown away if they will ever be the same again.
    This is an excellent post, Dwight…and I agree with everything you’ve shared.
    I’m just so saddened by it all. And in the end everyone could lose in some way. No one will remain unscathed. Anger. Ignorance. Selfishness. Violence. Lies. ETC. Even if people don’t think so, all of these change things people for the worse (worst?) . 😦
    Any small amount of good he/they might have done is all erased and overshadowed by the evil.
    When people speak maturely and kindly, I listen…even if they have tough stuff to share. When people speak and then their actions are immature or violent they’re words are negated….I can’t hear them, I can only see them and their actions. 😦

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