A New Beginning

When I retired from teaching elementary school, in 1998, I still had fifteen years until I could fully retire. I ran my own Home Repair business for two and a half years, and then taught a building construction class with the Community College for another two and a half years.

It was the winter of 2005, and my class of ten students dwindled down to six, after the first week. We were partnering with Habitat for Humanity, giving them hands on experience in actually building houses. The snow that came that first week caused a few to drop out. As a result, the class was canceled. It was discouraging to me to be left without an income until another class could be scheduled.

My friend Bunky ran a vinyl siding business. He heard that my class was canceled, and called asking if I would come and fill in for a couple of weeks as sales manager for the warehouse. He had just fired his whole warehouse staff “for selling siding out the back door!” I knew nothing about vinyl siding and just a little about the computer, but I agreed to do what I could. This was Saturday. I went in on Sunday afternoon to learn how to do invoices on the computer, and started work the next day! It was very unsettling to attempt to run the warehouse by myself, but I learned all about it. That was on Valentines Day, 2005, and I continued to work for him for the next six years, until I retired in 2011!

Snowfall takes its toll

Students not ready to work

Friends help each other

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Lillian asked to think of a time in our life when we had a New Beginning! She asked us to write a Haibun consisting of up to three short paragraphs followed by a traditional Haiku.

Join us and read more at: https://dversepoets.com and click on the Mr. Linkey box.

101 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. Dwight, that is quite a story! My life has been a crazy patchwork, but I am always surprised to find I am not the only one. In your case, you have developed a multitude of talents and avocations. I admire that very much! I enjoyed the well-written halibun! All the best! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. You were fortunate to have both opportunities and the willingness to try new things, Dwight. Thanks for sharing your story. I think it also shows that your friend knew and trusted you to be able to do the job, and I imagine he’s not the only friend you have who feels that way. Oh–and Happy New Year!

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  3. Enjoyed this very much, Dwight. One of the things I really like about haibuns is we get to know our dVerse friends so much better through their stories here. I do bet your were a wonderful elementary school teacher! 🙂 And here, a friendship led to new skills and a new career. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Funny how we can look back on our lives and realize how it unfolded by seeming happenstance and serendipity! I think age brings idle moments of “what ifs”!

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  5. You had me from the beginning as I am in the same predicament. “Retired” without an income. The risk of COVID took me from my world of working hands on with virus spreading toddlers. SO, what to do now? You mastered a new skill in no time and you give me hope, Dwight.

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  7. So interesting! Seeing your hand at so many things, picking up one more was never going to be a challenge for you anyway. It’s inspiring how you are always ready to learn something new, something many of us forget after getting falsely shielded inside our comfort zones.

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  9. Oh Dwight your story and the quick decision-making on your part to accept the offer from your friend reminds me of my father, he’s a self made man and have, on many occasions, saved himself from unemployment in very similar ways. Thanks for sharing, I hope to become like him one day.

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