Poetry Frozen in Time

Thoughts captured / frozen / sparkling moments in time

Held in place by negative Fahrenheit and Centigrade

Poetry captured trickling from the bowl of inspiration

For one brief moment it lies frozen / waiting for ink

But, inspiration lasts only till the next shining moment

The constant ebb and flow of life soon carries it away

The warm sun’s UV rays melt our trickles of frozen thought

And what momentarily embeds in our minds

Turns to liquid / a poetic flow of beauty and inspiration

Written on digital parchment, napkin, or diary

Reflected in sun’s rainbow of thought flowing from the bow


Photo; Laura Ziegler

73 thoughts on “Poetry Frozen in Time

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  4. This piece is amazing, I love the contrast of the ice and our thoughts. I always thought our minds are frozen in time, the moment we are in, almost thawing at every new experience. Thx for sharing this, if you would check out my page that I had recently started, it would be much appreciated. httpscharkie.wordpress.comπŸ‘

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