The Color of Christmas Songs


The Colors of Christmas

So many wonderful memories

wrap themselves around my brain

as the colors of Christmas come alive

with every Christmas song.

Rudolph conjures up that little red nose

along with Frosty the Snowman’s black hat

and his eyes made out of coal.

Silent Night shines in that warm yellow glow of the stable

And angelic voice sing in robes of pure white.

White Christmas swirls with white snowflakes

along with Jingle Bells dashing through the snow.

Elvis brought out the Blue (in) Christmas matching our

Twenty-twenty Covid year… remembering those we love.

Who could imagine Santa Clause Coming to Town without seeing red

or the little green elves who make the toys;

Or, You’re a Mean (green) One Mr. Grinch

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear in the blue black sky

full of silver twinkling stars.

And who could forget Silver Bells ringing

above a street covered with snow…

As we Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly crisp and green

The colors of Christmas are felt with every song

Today at d’Verse Grace took us back to the concept of Synethesia, which occurs, for example, when one sense such as music makes one see colors. It can happen with any of the senses. This evening we are looking specifically at music. I have never experienced synethesia in the literal sense, but I decided to look at how Christmas Songs automatically bring colors to mind.

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68 thoughts on “The Color of Christmas Songs

  1. I love this trip down memory lane with the different Christmas songs, and who knew that Christmas has so much color? It’s amazing and you communicate it so well and beautifully. There’s a certain joy and realism you express with the holidays. Love it.

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    • Thank you so much Lucy for your kind and thoughtful comments.
      I always loved Christmas. It was a joyous time with so many things happening all at once. But , the music of Christmas always captivated me.


  2. VERY late to the reading….just catching up before I host Prosery this afternoon. LOVED this. But I just swoon this time of year, loving everything Christmas! The music plays all day long; the tree is lit all day long. I sit and read under the Christmas afghan I finally finished two weeks ago. In these Covid times, the joy and colors of Christmas do much to relieve the mundane and sameness that this virus has inflicted. Thankful for health and worried for others less fortunate. Thank you for this….it is wonderful!

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