It was such a beautiful evening, after a very chilly day. I stood on the rise in my back yard looking across into the woods and thought how inspiring the woods becomes at dusk. As the light played on the trees, changes occured right before my eyes. The following poem shares some of my thoughts and feelings.

Dusk… blushes every tall tree with the sun’s glow

Cold December air gently caresses my face

as I stand staring into the darkening woods

Nothing stirs

Birds twitter… huddling together in the cedars

Rabbits burrow down under the blackberry bushes

on a cozy bed of brown leaves

the sky dims

Golden shades turn to gray… then black

Dusk in the woods can be a spiritual experience

As all of God’s creation rests in quiet slumber


I took this photo with my iPhone this evening, after taking a walk on the gas line right-of-way behind our house.

34 thoughts on “Dusk

  1. Dwight, I was thinking about how we are often too busy to notice the transitions in the world around us. If we just take time to notice, nature gives us transformative experiences πŸ™‚ The photo is beautiful. The poem beautifully describes your spiritual experience of watching night fall. ❀ All the best!

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  2. A very beautiful, thoughtful poem. Nature evokes the most meditative state when we truly immerse ourselves in it. I find the moment you describe in the dusk to be evocative; the beauty in it, the nature, the life–how it glows under the sun’s glint, bright then fading. A mesmerizing piece, Dwight. It is brilliant!

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