Squirrel Hunting in the Mountains

Squirrel hunting

Like bringing jerky for supper

Tough to chew on

Today at d’Verse, Sarah gave us a selection of seven different lines from one of her favorite books and asked us to choose one and write a poem about it. These lines come from “Surfacing” by Kathleen Jamie.

I know there is very little meat on a squirrel so I wrote my poem accordingly.

Join us at: https://dversepoets.com

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

63 thoughts on “Squirrel Hunting in the Mountains

    • Ha Ha! When he chews on my vinyl windows and climbs on my roof to get the bird seed he does not conjure up much love. Thanks Rob. I guess if you were hungry and desperate anything can become food!


  1. I very much like the squirrel doing the hunting. I do, however, remember my mother’s brothers going hunting in the woods and bringing home squirrel which grandma fried up for breakfast, Today I would be horrified, then it was simply a matter of fact—hunters brought home the food!

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  2. Such a special photo, a squirrel sitting in that posture! However, such a small piece of food for such a big guy. My favorite memory of a squirrel is when one jumped out of a tree. I was astounded to hear the “thud” and the realization that squirrels jump from heights! 🙂

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