Orion the Hunter

Years ago we lived in a house with a driveway that lined up with the constellation of Orion. When we came home after dark, we could look up and see Orion’s belt shining above the end of our drive. Later, we moved to a house that was surrounded with trees. Very few stars could be seen and Orion was nowhere to be found.

Three stars bright stars make up the belt and are easiest to see. They are AlnitakAlnilam and Mintaka. They are giant stars that are so far away it takes over 12,000 lightyears for the light from these stars to reach the earth! This is hard for me to comprehend. Our universe is so vast we here on earth are just dust in the wind.

Orion’s belt glows

Starlight from beyond our time

Bright string of pearls

Today at d’Verse, Kim asked us to write a haibun about the stars in the night sky!

Come join us at: https://dversepoets.come

Picture from: orion-constellation.jpg (600×600) (wordpress.com)

Information from wikapedia.com

55 thoughts on “Orion the Hunter

  1. Stars are so magical, the constellations fascinating. Just the different things associated with nature and space itself, that curiosity grows, the wonder in the accompaniment of its beauty. Such a beautiful haiku in this piece of prose. Lovely writing as always, Dwight. 😀

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  2. Orion was the first constellation I learned about and identified, Dwight, and I enjoyed your haibun. Fancy having a driveway that lined up with a constellation, let alone Orion! Thank you for reminding me of the names of the three stars bright stars, which I’d forgotten, and that it takes over 12,000 lightyears for the light from these stars to reach the earth, which I too find hard to comprehend. Your haiku ties it up nicely.

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  3. Orion has always been one of my favourite constellations and one of the consolations of winter for me is being able to see him every night. I am always on the lookout in case Betelgeuse (Orion’s left shoulder) goes supernova in my lifetime. It’s unlikely to happen, but what a sight it would be!

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  4. It looks like you have hit the jackpot with your post! Everybody loves Orion, including ancient Egyptians.
    On my board in the kitchen, I had a photo of the Milky Way with an arrow drawn on pointing to a tiny speck on the edge, with a caption “You are here”. And you are right, from space we are invisible and unimportant, yet there are wars all the time somewhere, and we think we matter. We don’t.
    Thank you for the wonderful post!


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    • Thank you Joanna! I enjoy writing things that people are interested in such as this. We are just amoebas in the bloodstream of time. Yes we all seem to think we are right about everything!! Thank you for our wonderful comment!


  5. Stars and memories–it’s hard to beat that combination, Dwight! Jane and I were discussing Orion yesterday, and I was thinking I had no idea where Orion was. Then this morning I went out to get the paper, and when I looked up at the stars, I suddenly remembered about the three stars in his belt and realized it was Orion.

    It’s a difficult concept for me, as well, to realize we’re looking at light from so long ago–perhaps even from stars that have died.

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