36 thoughts on “Vineyards on the Rhine

  1. Beautiful pictures and a cute little poem as always from you Dwight! The cruise on Rhine must have been delightful, with such beautiful places to see. The vineyards look so interesting on the slopes of the hills. Your celebration with friends is also a joy to see, such a perfect way to celebrate 50 years together 💖.
    It’s funny how Rhine, vine and wine rhyme together 🙂

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  2. Dwight, Love the poem and the photos. Although I’ve been on a dozen ocean cruises, I thought I might like to take a river cruise in Europe. We never got there, although we did take a canal boat in Amsterdam. That’s quite a feat in a motorized wheelchair! The photos of the vineyards and the villages are the next best thing to being there. Thank you so much!.<3

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    • I am so glad you enjoyed them. I can’t imagine trying to get a motorize wheelchair on one of those little canal boats. The river cruise had special accommodations for disabled persons. The had a slower walking group for those of us who had walkers or were older. It was great!

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