A Gathering of the Dead

What do you see as you come to the emergence of Winter?

Lying together

Some see death others see hope

Death waiting for life


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

This came to me this morning as I was reading through the collection of Jisei poems from Frank Tassone’s prompt on d’Verse. We are to write a death poem or a Jisei. Jisei poems were of Japanese origins, and were often written in waka (tanka) or haiku, but death poems are not restricted to those forms. What is essential is the expression of both imminent death and the significance of life in the face of it. In this sense, Jisei is the poetry of both memorial and celebration.

Join us at: https://dversepoets.com and click on the Mr. Linkey link to read more interesting Jisei poems.

63 thoughts on “A Gathering of the Dead

  1. Oh I love this Dwight! So true!
    I remember when I moved to this house 22 years ago in winter and cut what I thought was a dead tree down.. OMG what was i thinking. It turned out to be a buck eye that is so beautiful and blocked
    houses in view. Yikes. Nice poem!! BTW, Friday Funday is up and running with your name in it. hope you like the mention. Happy Weekend ❤️ Cindy

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  2. On a whim I soaked some ancient desiccated chilli seeds from a husk found in the bottom of my spice bowl. Most rotted away – but a few – miraculous – have sprouted into fiery life again. You’re right – it all depends on your point of view. Lovely piece Dwight

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  3. Lying together

    I actually think that this first line is the most clever, Dwight… because I see the acorns lying together – but the poem isn’t about the acorns at all – it’s about how people view them… so who’s really lying together? Seems to me that it’s all of us humans with our differing perspectives.

    I’m duly impressed, Sir.

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  4. Just recently watched the movie “The Fountain” which talks about how the Mayan’s believed that the afterlife was a dying star, and a new birthplace for creation. Energy is constantly recycling even after we die.

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