What would I want to take with me when I leave this world?

My spirit rises

unencumbered by this life’s

winter shroud of pain

I leave earthly behind me

shedding the ephemeral


Photo; Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Frank Tassone asked us to write a Jiesi death poem. Jisei were often written in waka (tanka) or haiku, but death poems are not restricted to those forms. What is essential is the expression of both imminent death and the significance of life in the face of it. In this sense, Jisei is the poetry of both memorial and celebration.

I decided to write my own death poem as a reflection of the struggles of this earth and the joy of setting my spirit free in death as I leave it all behind! This poem evolved out of a longer poem I did a couple of year ago called When My Spirit Rises. This is written in the Tanka format.

Join us at: https://dversepoets.com

53 thoughts on “Rising

  1. Dwight, this is a very strong and beautiful poem. I like writing in the Tonka format. It works very well in this poem. I especially like that you end the poem with the word “ephemeral.” To me, this emphasizes the fact that death is an inevitable, natural occurrence.

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  2. The ephemeral which we lived for through the long short life, which mattered most till that one moment severes and frees us.
    Your poem is lovely, shows a beautiful side to end of life, almost like when we lie down on the bed to rest at the end of a arduous yet engaging journey, knowing the hardships and challenges are over and it’s safe and pleasant to reminisce on what we experienced.

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  3. I think we’re probably more afraid of death these days because we imagine we’re invincible, but in reality it’s all part of the cycle of life and nothing to fear. Life’s beauty comes from its ephemerality.


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