At the End of the Road…

What is you concept of God and heaven? A couple of years ago, I reflected on the concept of God that I was taught as a child; what the Bible taught us about God, and now, in my winter of life, what I think about those images and concepts. I saw this sign along the road a few years ago. This poem addresses more questions than answers. What do you visualize when you think of God?

At the end of the road when my life is done

what will I find will there be one…

who will meet me there at the pearly gates

with hands outstretched  no need to wait?

Will he be tall, short, fat, or thin;

When he sees me will he break out with a grin?


Interesting to me how we fantasize

seeing God like us, as we rationalize…

Dreaming that descriptions of hands and face

describe a reality that has no race.

Metaphors become reality as we describe our God,

forgetting he is Spirit, and that would be odd;

For a Spirit has no shape, no hands to hold tight

Only a presence of the purest light.


So whether God is he she or it,

the God we meet will probably not fit

the idea we have in the back of our mind.

Won’t it be interesting what we will find

…at the end of the road?

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

45 thoughts on “At the End of the Road…

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  2. wonderful poem of more questions, than answers Dwight, on the back 9, I’m happy to be here, no longer wondering and looking toward the light here or there wherever that may be. Hey, I may be doing a poem for my Fun Friday Post and wondered if I could add you into it with your site, if you are ok with it if I do?
    Let me know,,.,. either way is ok -:) ❤️ Cindy

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  3. Really love this piece and the topic for sure!! After taking in more viewpoints over a lifetime of the 360 to choose from, the one I’m most happy with is the Father in the parable of the Prodigal Son!! That’s the one that makes me the happiest and hopeful. Have a great day Dwight!

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