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I am sure some of you have gone through cancer treatment at some point in your life. All of us know of friends or family who have been through this as well. It is my understanding that it is not a pleasant experience for anyone to go through. In many cases it does extend life for several years and more sometimes. This poem is for an extended family member who has gone through cancer treatment and is now doing well.  I wrote this at the time, but decided to wait to publish it.

“She lost her hair today;”
A sad message indeed.
We knew it was going to happen;
But reality makes it more intense.
Toxic mess dripping into her veins
Cuts hair off at the roots…
Lets it slid off in bunches in her hands.
It must be an awful blow to one’s self
A most humbling external loss.
Makes us realize what sacrifice it takes
  For her to go on living

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

I am posting this for Open link night at d’Verse Poets Pub. It was great to see some of you on the live meeting this afternoon. I am not sure why my microphone would not work. This is the poem I would have read. I will try a different laptop next time and see if that helps.

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65 thoughts on “Loss

  1. A very moving poem, Dwight. My sister fought her cancer to the end and in the end the treatment rather than the cancer killed her. She never complained even when she lost her hair. She was so stoical and brave and a fine example of how to live.

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  2. I cut my husband’s sister’s beautiful dark brown hair when she started chemo about 18 years ago. Our tears fell to the ground with it. Three years of fighting a battle she did not win, but she lay in her coffin with her own beautiful dark brown hair. Cancer is so horribly sad!

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  3. Very touching Dwight … I wrote this for a dear friend, but sadly she lost her battle…

    A Friend

    do you have a friend
    who’s bound in a cocoon
    living on eggshells
    broken by sickly X-ray beams
    their life’s a virtual hell
    and for whom you want to scream
    unconditionally you’ve given your love
    now they’re tired
    waiting for help
    from above

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  4. You touched upon a sensitive topic. Mastectomy and loss of hair takes away a woman’s self-esteem more than any other health loss. There is someone in a cancer hospital here, who makes wigs from the patient’s own hair free-of-cost.

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  5. Cancer is a tough one, Dwight, and so many battle with this disease. Hair loss is an additional kick in the teeth. It’s a hard-hitting poem and it was sensitive of you to hold back with publishing it.

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  6. I celebrated my 5 year cancer free anniversary in Sept 2010.
    I understand some of what your family member is going through.
    She has my prayers, (((HUGS))), best wishes and ❤ . 🙂
    (((HUGS))) to you for writing such a beautiful heart-touching poem!
    PS…My paternal grandfather, my Dad, and my oldest sister all battled cancer. They did well and had a respite of some years…but then eventually cancer popped up again in another part of their bodies and they didn't survive the second go round. 😦

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    • Thank you so much for sharing. I am very glad you have remained cancer free. It is a very difficult thing to go through for everyone involved, but especially for the person who has it. I am glad your family members were able to gain a few years with care and treatment! Hugs to you as well!

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  7. My duaghter-in-law was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer 7 years ago at the age of 37. At the time, she had a 5 year old, a 3 year old, and an 18 month old. I was there helping out when her hair began to fall out. My son cut it close to the scalp for her. Two days later, she asked me to shake out their sheets and pillowcases from the tiny hairs that were all over them and she had my son shave her head that night. I am thrilled to tell you she is a survivor – a walking miracle for this most severe form of breast cancer. Your poem is a powerful one – for anyone who has suffered or is suffering from cancer; for someone who knows an individual who has gone through this; and for those who simply wonder what it must be like. A very powerful write. I’m glad you tell a story of survival.

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  8. My sister-in-law was treated for ovarian cancer. She lost all of her hair but it grew back thicker than before. She died some 30 years later of natural causes. Her doctors were amazed and attributed her being cured to her positive attitude.

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    • Thank you so much for your kind offer! She is doing well at the moment and her hair is back. She is finished with Chemo so hopefully she won’t need a hat. Thank you. Looking forward to seeing you on the 10th. Just ask for me when you come in.

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  9. I saw my mother take that treatment. As your sensitive poem mentions so well, it is toxin dripping (or consumed as per the treatment) and the result is very painful on the person. Loss of hair can be mentally scarring for an individual, especially if you have carefully tended that hair through your lifetime. There are also many more terrifying side effects. It takes tremendous courage to withstand the treatment and the disease and be victorious. My mother too did that and defeated the disease!

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  10. Our next-door neighbors’ toddler has been undergoing treatments for cancer for about a year. He is just about finished and his test results are good. His mother showed us last night that his hair is beginning to come back! ❤ Thanks Dwight for sharing the poem.

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