Self-Publishing Works

This week I finished my eighth poetry book and had it printed. I find self-publishing works very well for me. Some think that by getting a book published, it is going sell and make them some money. Sadly this is often not the case. E-books on Amazon are made available on Kindle for free, but unless you pay them, they never see the light of day; unless someone specifically looks for your books.

Having learned that early on, I decided I was not going to play the “send off and get rejected” game. I publish my own books. I realize that really only immediate family and friends care about my writing, so I publish and give to family and sell a few at cost. It makes me feel good and I don’t have to worry about the competition.

I write my poems on Word and then load all of them onto one file. I make a title page and contents and design a cover page. When all this is edited, I change it to a pdf. file and take it to Office Max/Depot. By getting at least twenty books printed and using their coupons, I can usually print for under ten dollars each! The more you get the cheaper they become. They do spiral bindings and clear plastic covers also. I get them half size of the original 8.5 x 11, which makes a little wider top and bottom margins, but that is fine with me. You can see how well they turn out.

Give it a try. It is very rewarding not have to fight the competition. I do load some of my books on Kindle for those who are too far away to send a book to. I love it. You can find them under my name on

Inspiration written

Self-publishing brings reward

Share with those who care


Self-publishing is your way to leave your scratch on time!

I dedicated this book to all my friends at the d’Verse Poets Pub for all their encouragement and help with increasing my knowledge of poetry.

141 thoughts on “Self-Publishing Works

  1. Striking post. I’m searching the internet for possibilities to have the novel I’m writing printed and perhaps distributed. There are several options. I find it does pay to look around a bit and read experiences from users. So your words are right in time. 🙂

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  2. Awesome Dwight, thanks for sharing a bit about your self-publishing journey. I have self-published two books and two e-books through KDP/Amazon this year. I am fortunate (beyond words) to have an artist daughter who has collaborated with me, adding her art. It has been a labor of love and a creative outlet during this upside down year. 💗

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  3. Well done Dwight, and I understand your thinking and process perfectly… Very similar to t I do with my Tullawalla booklets, although I don’t get print and bound like you do, …. It shall be interesting to see how my proposed published book will go next year, due for release in March…

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  5. I love the cover design and the binding. I am intrigued by the type of paper you’ve printed your poems on inside. Is it lined or just plain blank? Anyway, thanks for sharing the information.Makes it seem possible to publish a book.

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  6. Thanks for this advice, Dwight! I definitely want to create some collections and I don’t want to battle with an editor who doesn’t like my style. It’s mine and that’s the point and those who like it are more than welcome to read!

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  7. Congrats, Dwight! So wonderful to get your poetry out there to help others…and to be a legacy/tapestry to always be with your kids and grandkids! 🙂
    Oh, the cover is inviting!
    (I’ve helped other people self-publish their books, but have never tried it with my own writings…poems, short stories…and I’ve written 3 books…it’s all just sitting on my computer. )
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  8. Very informative article sir, much helpful to anyone who wants to publish. Bad if Amazon doesn’t facilitate things in an easy way, it could be such a great platform for new writers to reach a vast audience quickly.

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    • No, if you do it yourself you don’t need one. If you load it on Amazon Kindle they will give you their number. But for your personal us… no you don’t need on. I do state that it is copy-writed material and needs permission to be copied.

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  10. Quite the post. Thank you for going out to publish it yourself. Self Publishing houses work differently in India. They take money from writers for there work to be published and rip a percentage of royalty to the writer. For a long time I have been considering on getting my work published but there is always a thought at the back what if.

    You did a great job publishing it yourself.

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  11. Totally agree with you. As I’ve experienced it with my two books upon Amazon Kindle. Publish, print, design, finalize the cost of book and just sell it.


  12. Hey there! It’s amazing you’ve got so much writing under your belt and published!
    I work in a print shop and was curious- why coil bind? They have actual book binds that should be about the same price if not cheaper.
    Either way, keep kicking ass!

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