Awaiting Resurrection

October skies Covid-blue / clear as a bell

call for an end to summer’s heat

time for one last shinning / one last gasp.

Leaves present their colorful eulogy

leaving marks on flat smooth stones

lacking summer’s warmth.

As days close in, winter’s chilling bony finger

beckons us enter her icy sepulchral interment.

White snow blankets eulogies soon forgotten

as we rest / tucked in peaceful compost slumber,

awaiting life’s resurrection / sure to come.

Photos; Dwight L. Roth

32 thoughts on “Awaiting Resurrection

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  2. Beautiful sections with the right photos to illustrate. Am sure feeling the chilly bony finger beckoning 😦 Oh what I would give for a transporter device to take me to a tropical location for a few months!

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  3. The winters aren’t stressing in my part of the world, and are a respite from the overbearing heat of the summer.
    We don’t see snow here, so whenever we do anywhere it’s delightful for me. But long seasons of dark dreary winters must be depressing, I saw how people long for “back to summer” days in UK. And yet that fireplace burning warm promises that one thing, that the snow will melt and the green shoots of life will emerge again! Your poems beautiful message 💖

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    • Thank You Deb! We don’t get a lot of snow here, perhaps 3 or 4 inches a couple time a winter. It only stays around for a day or two. It averages in the 40s F her over the winter. I am glad you enjoyed the poem and the snow!!

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