Changing Focus

When life overwhelms

Focus on what’s important

Nature’s beauty calls

This has been great painting weather. Today I found an old painting I did back in 2013. It was a black swallowtail from my garden on a 4′ x 5′ canvas. I liked the painting but it was too big for anyone to be interested in, so I cut it down to 31″ x 48,” leaving just he butterfly, and used the top half for another painting I did last year. I had the canvas stored rolled up and it had a couple of places that were damaged, so i decided to remount what was left and touch it up. It turned into a greater restoration than I expected, but I like the end results.

Butterfly Painting – Dwight L. Roth

57 thoughts on “Changing Focus

  1. I like the end results, too… and I love your Haiku. Beautiful!! ❀ Great advice: focus on what's important. We'd all be better off if we could always do that! And be discerning enough to know what that is ❀

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  2. A grand painting indeed Dwight, and back to nature was my calling today, I’ve been gardening in the spring sunshine, for a few days…. Made myself a big planter box, out of some leftover colorbond roofing iron, to put my cucumbers seedlings in, and in looks great… Your article has inspired me do a post about my gardening efforts … Cheers my friend

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