Your Roots

Beneath every tree are roots

Holding… interlocking… feeding

Bringing strength foundation

Roots the source of all beauty we see

looking at a tree

You’ve heard, “Behind every successful man

is a good woman.”

My mother was that good woman

holding interlocking our family

feeding… caring for each one.

My father was a pillar of the community

on strength and nourishment

of my mom who was always there for him.

An unsung hero

she was the roots of our tree.

Without her none of us would be

standing as we are today.

My Father and Mother on their 40th

My father died at age 70. My mom lived to be 93!

Photos; Dwight L. Roth

28 thoughts on “Your Roots

  1. Everything is just as your poem says it, the mother is indeed the greatest hero of the family, the roots which bind the whole family together, provide stability and strength. And remains out of sight, selfless and unsung for the greatest of her contributions. She often keeps herself grounded to allow all the other members to grow and achieve their dreams.
    This is a beautiful and justified tribute you paid to your mother 💖

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  2. Oh, you were so blessed, Dwight, to have such a wonderful mom and dad!!! And this tribute to your mom is so beautiful. I got some joy-tears in my eyes. 🙂 Love the tree analogy! It sounds like they were a united team of 2 and you kids benefited greatly! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…”The roots of a family tree begin with the love of two hearts.” ❤ ❤

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  3. Oh what a beautiful comparrision of the tree and it’s foundation of the roots that have given so much stability, like your Mom and Dad Dwight. I’m sure they were so proud and still are as they look down on you and bless you! ❤️🤗🙏

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