A Found Book

Will someone ask in 2116

What’s this odd thing I found in a bin

Packed full of paper and covered with words

Who would save this… how absurd

Archaeologists say it looks like a book

Haven’t seen one of those / let me have a look

What a cumbersome stack of papers

Reading through that would give me the vapors

All this could be stored on the point of a pin

A chip so small and so very thin

They say there were buildings full of these things

They called them libraries and invited people in

They could check out books… it was quite the rage

Taking it home they read every page

If they took one out and didn’t bring it back

A fine was charged to remind them of that

Can’t imagine ever reading a book

Can you imagine how much time that took


Photo from Robert’s Bookstore in Oregon – Dwight L. Roth

This is open link night at d’Verse, where we can link a poem of our choice. I thought this one would help us smile. Hope you enjoy it.

Join us at: https://dversepoets.com Click on Mr. Linkey box and read poems.

54 thoughts on “A Found Book

  1. Those were the days books fill buildings and came with a fine if you don’t return it. We already gave away most of our books to our library and we look the ebooks for convenience. Thanks for the blast to the past.

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  2. I hope they find your poem in 2116. They will call you a prophet 🙂 I remember an episode in Star Trek (?) where Captain Kirk had an actual book that he kept as an historical oddity. Good poem and good questions.

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  3. What a wonderful and ponder-ful poem, Dwight!!!
    Yes, I’ve wondered about all of this for years. Even wrote a fiction story about my thoughts on put the story on my blog. 🙂


    I have a Kindle, but I love book-books and always have! I hope book-books will always be around. I love their feel, their smells, the covers…both paper covers and cover-covers…etc. 🙂
    (((HUGS)) 🙂

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  4. It does seem like the world is heading in this direction .. as youngsters continue to lose interest in reading books, writing, painting etc and wish for everything to be fast-paced. Between you and me ., I hope it doesn’t change too drastically!

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    • Thank you Chuck! I much appologize to you this time. I just found your great message on my board regarding the Herring Net post. I found your story very interesting. One never knows what he will find at at a second hand store! Thanks for your great comment.


  5. A simple upload to the chip in your brain, and you have instant experience. Thrill, adventure, pathos – yours like planted memories. Or recipes, medical knowledge, even the memories of another. Who needs books?! 😉

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  7. When Kindle started surfacing it got me thinking how can an electronic device replace the feel and most important smell of a freshly printed book. Though it has its market over these years I am happy to see majority still prefer books over Kindles and Apps. Really good poem, almost took me to the future 😬

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