Seventy years ago, electric streetcars were an important means of transportation in the community where I was born. A network of tracks ran all over the county. The photo above shows the streetcar passing down the hill in front of my old High School. By the time I went to school there, the Street Cars were a thing of the past. A brand new brick building sat where the corn field is located, just beyond the tracks.

Streetcar comes clanging

Riding rails of yesteryear

Past my old High School

Students and teachers rode by

Old gentleman stops to watch


Photo Source: Ed West

30 thoughts on “Streetcar

  1. Dwight, This post is a very interesting bit of nostalgis. I dimly remember seeing streecars in my childhood, but can’t remember where, Wheeling, maybe? Pittsburgh? I remember my grandmother taking me by the hand and getting me out of the path of the oncoming streetcar. As an adult, I rode streetcars in San Francisco and Seattle. I guess they used to be everywhere. The poem and photo brought back memories. ❀ Take care, Cheryl

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  2. This is so nostalgic, and I have ridden streetcars. They still run in the city of Kolkata in India, it’s called a Tram there. The streetcar comes clanging is so true, it continuously makes that sound as it rides on streets with other traffic.
    The ridership has been steadily declining on these, with the recent generations preferring cabs (ola runs alongside the trams – a mix of old and young πŸ™‚). But it has a following amongst riders from yesteryears who still prefer to ride it.

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  3. This is wonderful, Dwight! And what amazing times and memories of those times!
    Great photo and writings! I feel like I am right there with you! Oh…and like the well-seasoned gentleman I would stop and watch, too! πŸ™‚
    My first time riding streetcars was in San Francisco, CA! πŸ™‚
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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  4. Dwight: Your story on the Trolley car and picture jogged my memory back to my youth when I used to, “Hitch a Ride” on the trolley cars. It inspired me to share my stories on, “Hitchin a Ride” back in the mid/late 1940’s. Thanks Bob Evans

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