38 thoughts on “Transparent Dragonfly

  1. Beautiful pictures, the wings have perfect cellophane looks. And the second picture looks just like a helicopter about to take off. The lines “sways in soft breeze about to take off” have such a beautiful feel to it – almost like feeling the breeze πŸ’–

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  2. Dwight, I love watching dragonflies. I used to see blue dragonflies like the one in your photo when tubing in the Shenandoah River in Virginia. The ones we see here in Florida are much larger, but not as colorful. They fly in large “squadrons” in our neighborhood. I love your photo and poem. ❀ So beautiful! Take care, Cheryl

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    • Thank you Cheryl. We also have some that look more square and have black tips on the end of their wings. I love the blue one. I had one here that had big blue eyes and body! Thank you for your comment.


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