Fly Me to a Star

Skeleton key


heart of stone, cold

birthed of bloody fire

fire’s frigid reflection

pocked complexion

ashen emotions

powdered cheeks

laid bare…

swallowed away

I tip my top

riding Orion’s space

in hand rejected metal

key to your heart

unturned, upturned


galaxied space

winged bird


whisks me on


hot smoldering

star-fire love melting

key to my heart

offered unconditionally

For d’Verse Poets Pub today, we are writing Ekphrastic Poetry. We are to write a poem motivated by one of artist Catrin Welz-Stein’s images. (I decided to try what I will call a “Lucy style poem” with this one.) A little different from my usual casual write. Enjoy!!

You can find her work at:

Join us at: to see the other choices. Click on the Mr. Linky box and read some of the other poets choices.

72 thoughts on “Fly Me to a Star

  1. This is such a beautiful piece, start to finish. You know, Dwight, as I was reading this, I was thinking, “Hmm, this seems a bit dark” especially with the beginning:

    “Skeleton key


    heart of stone, cold

    birthed of bloody fire…”

    And then I see your author’s note! Man, this Lucy must write pretty dark. 👀

    But, this is so beautiful, majestic, and you utilize a wave in figurative, dark imagery that is so descriptive and picturesque. I think the last few lines are especially tragic. The narrator will always love this person, unconditionally, even if it is not requited. That’s heartbreaking, but you delve into this theme masterfully. Another well-written and excellent piece. I really enjoyed reading this one.

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  2. I enjoyed the dark romance of your poem, Dwight, and was surprised to see a little lightness in the lines:
    ‘swallowed away
    I tip my top
    riding Orion’s space’.
    I love the ‘hot smoldering / star-fire love melting’.

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  3. You captured this painting and put it into words! A brilliant pairing of painting and poem! 🙂
    I love how you ended your poem. Those willing offer their love unconditionally are the most amazing people with such big beautiful hearts.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  4. Well I loved the idea of the rejected skeleton key and the descriptive words
    “birthed of bloody fire
    ire’s frigid reflection
    pocked complexion
    ashen emotions
    powdered cheeks
    laid bare…”
    I did think this was a bit on the dark side for you….but not so dark that it wasn’t appealing…nonviolent dark I would say.
    Then I read your note about trying the “Lucy style” and I just grinned and chuckled out loud! I think some of us have “signatures” to our writing….enjambment, rhyme, pollyanna, morose, etc. Perhaps we should have a prompt to write in the Lucy style! 🙂 LOVE it!

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    • Thank you Lillian! I am glad it made you smile! It was fun to try something different for a change. I tend to get stuck in my two or three forms i like best! I have a long way to go to compare to Lucy!! :>) It is a dark poem, although I was seeing it as moving toward something more passionate and alive than the cold frigid moon!


  5. When I started reading, I thought this isn’t like Dwight’s usual style at all. (Not that your poems are predictable, but this is very different.).😀 Then I saw your note.
    This is an unusual painting, and I liked your response. I like how you still gave us a glimmer of hope, despite the darkness.

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