Writing the Roller Coaster

Up up they go…

climbing skyward as one

cresting the peak

a perfect arc

chasing the dip

pushing gravitational rush

G-forces build

engines roar

pulling the stick

planes rise

climbing next loop

tracks up

tracks down

coaster sky tracks

fade to blue

windy dissolution

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, De Jackson asked us to let the sky be the limit and use sky as our prompt. This is Quadrille Monday, so we are to make a poem of exactly 44 words.

Every year on the first weekend of November our local airport sponsors an air show called War Birds Over Monroe. We live nearby so we can see a lot of the sky maneuvers from our deck. These are a few of the loop-t-loops!

Join us at: https://dversepoets.com


66 thoughts on “Writing the Roller Coaster

  1. Incredible pics Dwight, and engaging verse to match — bravo. Also, something I need to share with my fellow writers here at dVerse. I so enjoy reading the work that you create and post, and am genuinely honored to be embraced as a part of this community of poets. May we all find healing in these challenging times. And as a post WWII aquarian, proud to have believed, since my college days in the 60’s, that we would some day change the world to be a better place for all… and who still believes that we might yet do it — I wish each of you peace, health, and love. Write on!

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  2. The poem flows up and down, just like the flight of those birds 💖
    Great pictures those! I had been to only one aero show ever, and this is just like how I remember things that day 🙂 along with the piercing sound as the fighters approach at low altitude.

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  3. Wow, Dwight, great photos of the airshow. I have to check out our local airshow. Your poem depicts the thrilling of the show perfectly.

    My Zinnias are beautiful. Thank you for the tips for growing them. They still have a long way to go. Are the seed pods in the center? How do I save them for next year?

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  4. You’ve conveyed both speed and movement in this quadrille, Dwight, that made my stomach lurch! I like the way you directed my eyes all the way through, from ‘Up up they go…’ into the sky, to the peak and beyond.

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  5. Wow! You’ve described those daredevils at an air show and your photos are amazing! Somehow, I’ve always been petrified of air shows….but you’ve given a positive energy to them and their occupation of the sky.

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  6. We don’t see muh aerobatic flying in Australia (seeing I live in city) but I remember a few years after WW2 that both air force and individuas attempted to beat the current air speed records on the southern coast of England. That was really exciting too.

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  7. This is beautifully written 🤩
    I enjoyed every minute of the read and your writing style is just amazing…
    I also have a blog… Don’t forget to check it out… Make sure you like and follow too
    Thanks and more power to you!!

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