Attention Span – 911 Memorial

This morning I turned on the TV to watch and remember the 9-11 attacks, that killed so many innocent people in New York City. There were comments and news bites, but the talking heads kept interrupting and distracting. Network TV went on with trivia as usual. As the Vice President delivered his remarks. only one network was watching. The rest had already moved on to old news! It just caught me the wrong way, so I decided to write a poem reflecting on my feelings of the morning.

Planes crashing into towers

New York City belching smoke

Americans at work


News trickles into tsunami

Eyes and Ears glued

Real-time terror

Quite different from

Video Games

Reality blended with tears


Flash forward…

Talk shows // Politics

Preempt memories

Horrors dressed in flowers

Commentators jabber

while Vice-President speaks

Dead names read



Sad specifics

Too much for delicate ears

Might reignite fear and anger

More salacious news appeals

How sad when heroes

Go unrecognized

Soon to be forgotten


Replaced by

A magnificent tower

A fountain

A marble stone

engraved with names of lost

Loved ones still mourn

CNN regurgitates

President’s faux pas


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

21 thoughts on “Attention Span – 911 Memorial

  1. It is a little hard to think about what happened then, when we are living the current, real nightmare that we are living through Right Now with the fires on the west coast. If your’re not where we are, I guess it must not be real.

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  2. I hope that the lives lost on 9-11 and the heros who saved countless others at the expense of their own health will not be forgotten. I can’t help but wonder if we are currently witnessing such horror and loss of life we just can’t absorb anymore.

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  3. You have penned a very touching tribute to a terrible event 🌹🌹🌹
    It also sounds like news channels and reporting is in the same state everywhere in the world, with talking reporters who overshadow everything else with their own image in the foreground.

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