Music in the Key of C

Music, when combined with poetry, leaves imprints on our hearts and souls. I remember the exact time I first heard Folk Music. Three high school kids had formed a group and were singing the Folk Songs of the 1960s. When I heard Blowin’ in the Wind for the first time, I was hooked. Peter, Paul and Mary along with Joan Baez reinforced what I had heard. It became forever embedded in my soul. I have been playing and singing these songs for over fifty years.

Words and melodies take us back or make us dream of something more. Songs lift our spirits, challenge a nation, and sometimes make us cry. What would life be like without a song to sing? Michael Jonathan, of the Wood Song Old Time Radio Hour says: “You can’t fight and sing at the same time!” You can on the other hand walk hand in hand and protest injustice while singing! Perhaps our nation needs some new songs to sing.

Music notes like words

Never ending melodies

Sing of summer’s end


Painting of G Clef: Dwight L. Roth

30 thoughts on “Music in the Key of C

  1. Indeed Dwight, where would life be without music… we’d be left ‘blowin’ in the wind’,.
    ‘one of us cannot be wrong’. ….I first heard 53 years ago….and here I am still playing the song…..


  2. I love your painting! It reminds me of the guitar painting you shared a little while ago. You are so right about the power of music. I included Arlo Guthrie singing “Deportees” in a social justice course I worked on over the summer.

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