Trojan Horse

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The political debates rage on

Nasty politics as usual

Twists of truth filled with lies;

and we believe…

what we have already set in our minds

But, with every election

there come a Trojan Horse;

One of beauty and promise

captivating the minds of believers;

Promising they are on you side

The Trojan Horse of politics

doesn’t come sculpted in wood or stone;

Rather, ladened with sculpted words

carved and shaped to entice…

Believing there is nothing within them

that would change or harm us

Don’t be swayed by outward words.

Look deep into the sculpted belly

of hidden agendas and dark money;

Into the self-centered soul of the beast (politics)

that in the end will burst open

disillusion // and destroy us all!

18 thoughts on “Trojan Horse

  1. Powerful and poignant, Dwight. And you HAVE captured how many of us feel. Excellent write!!! The Trojan horse, indeed!

    Actions speak louder than words…and the words we hear today are often suspect and the actions even worse. 😦

    Correct me if I’m wrong…but I seem to remember a day when politicians did a better job of honestly presenting who they were and what they would do for the people…and they didn’t just base their campaigns, and careers, on mud-slinging and tearing the other candidates apart. ???

    I remember reading an article years ago…I just now looked it up and found it…in it, Dr. John G. Geer from Vanderbilt University says “negativity in political advertisements is on the rise. His statistics show that less than 10 percent of political ads were negative in 1960, whereas more than 60 percent were negative in 2008.” Wow! Wonder what the percent is in 2020.



    • Thank you for your kind affirmation. These days it is probably 100% negative ads. Very sad when all you have to choose from is the “lesser of two evils”!! Back then they only had newspaper and radio and later TV. Now you have instant sound bites on cell phones. No privacy in the world in the digital age for sure! Hard to say what the future holds for America!!

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