Knockout Punch

Free Graphics:

Like shadow boxers in the ring

we dance around // keeping our distance;

Dodging that blow that will knock us out.

Fearful of the unknown we dance…

Avoiding each other // getting out of their way

Everyone is suspect…

even though we think they’re clean.

No more hugging…

although we’ve been friends for years.

We skirt the outside edges…

keeping everyone at arm’s length.

We know the championship is on the line;

getting to wear the Belt of Life one more time.

Round and round we go // into the eighteenth round;

Staying on our feet // trying not to hit the ground;

Steering clear // longing for the bell to ding…

Hoping to get out of this ring …alive!

33 thoughts on “Knockout Punch

  1. Very nice work, Dwight! I enjoyed it very much. I was out today and as I went into places with my mask I thought about how different things seem now with distancing. Thank You! John

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  2. Dwight, great extended metaphor! We moved into this house six months ago, but I had not met my next-door neighbor–just waved once! The other day, I was on a walk, and she came out into the street to introduce herself. She extended her hand…I was reluctant but felt I could not refuse. I washed my hands when I got home. Isn’t it awful how coronavirus can isolate us? ❤ Stay safe and be happy! Cheryl

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    • Seems we have gone a little overboard with the cleanliness and hand sanitizer. Washing your hands when you got home should be fine in my thinking! It is sad that we have to dodge everyone! Thank you for sharing your personal experience.

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