Evolution of Spirit

If, as many believe, we we evolved from the primordial oceans

evolving into the innumerable living creatures populating our planet

Then where did our soul/spirit come from… that intangible part of our being

that has no mortal substance that will grow or decay with our bodies

Some call it the breath of life and others the image of God

If, as many believe, we come from the primordial oceans

How did we end up with a soul and spirit seeking a creator

Seems obvious that soul and spirit are not part of an evolutionary process

But rather, given and taken as we live and die leaving the mortal behind

So how can one not believe in a creator; a spiritual force far greater

than the universe that presides over everything that exists

How can one believe that our soul and spirit nature will not go back

to the one who gave it, as our mortal body decays and returns to dust

Science may attempt to explain evolution, but seems to have no answer

to the question of soul and spirit that resides within each of us


Body, Soul, & Spirit painting: Dwight L. Roth

This poem is written in the stream of consciousness form that lets ones thoughts flow onto the paper without much editing of any kind. This was our prompt for the d’Verse Poets Pub prompt this past week.


29 thoughts on “Evolution of Spirit

  1. Beautifully written, Dwight, and it’s a thinker. Where does our soul go? Where does it return? Such great philosophy behind these questions, along with the origin of our existence. Beautiful piece! 👏

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  2. Roth, I like your poem and I follow your reasoning, but I can’t agree. It is not the place to start a discussion. But it is an honest take on the subject. Let me just say that there are many evidences of evolution and that our body and mind are, in my opinion, a result of this process. Thank you for sharing your thoughts so clearly.

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    • I respect your opinion on this. My question is what happens to what seems to be the spirit in us when we die? I find it very hard to imagine that all the varieties of every living thing evolved and became their own unique being all out of nothing. The universe had to come from somewhere beyond our comprehension.

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  3. Hi Dwight. In the past 150 years, some Jew more learned than me (still looking for his name, and will update you later) said— “If science and Torah disagree, then we misunderstand science, misunderstand Torah, or both.” And I think the conflict between evolution and the Creation story in Genesis is a prime example of this. I don’t doubt that species evolve or that over thousands of years fish could become amphibians and then reptiles. Nor do I doubt that God placed a sacred bit of God’s self into each human and that our souls return to God when our physical forms expire. I hold both the science and the Torah as truth, and I maintain faith that, one day, God will show us how they fit together. And the answer is probably mind-blowing and beautifully simple… just as with how the caterpillar becomes a butterfly… 😁
    Have a very blessed Sunday!


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