Play Me Some Real Music

Where have all the Bass men gone

Those with deep lowdown voices

Sounding like echoes from a fifty-five gallon oil drum

Deep vibes rattling speakers and vibrating the floor?


Where are all the Baritone voices

with their rich celloed smooth tones

that entered deep into the souls of listeners?


Seems all we have these days are high pitched

parakeet voices singing in falsetto

lacking depth and sounding like untuned violins

singing so high it sounds like someone

is squeezing them just a little too tight.


Where are the real men who can sing four-part-harmony

With blends so sweet they sound like one voice

Take me back to men like Johnny Cash

and the Statler Brothers

To Tennessee Ernie Ford singing, “Big Bad John”

Songs from Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard,

and Kris Kristopherson…

and the Oak Ridge Boys and Alabama singing…

“Play Me Some Mountain Music…”


I long for real music once more

Music that stirs me deep down in my soul

Music with substance that actually says something,


Today at d’Verse we are doing stream of consciousness writing. This is something I really enjoy and do most of the time when I write. I was going to post a photo, but Word Press, for some reason, has switched me to this awful block style and I have not figured out how to load them. So all you get today is words!! Well I finally got a photo of my first guitar loaded. That was many years ago and I am still playing some!

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70 thoughts on “Play Me Some Real Music

  1. But the words paint a vivid picture and I can hear the sounds of Cash and Ford as I read some of my favorite old bass and baritone names. No picture needed!! Good job, Dwight! Your stream of consciousness echoes mine! ❤

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  2. Dwight, I hear you on what you’re saying. Thank goodness recordings make musicians immortal. Johnny Cash, the Statler Brothers, Oakridge Boys, and all of the rest will always be with us. I don’t even barely tiptoe into modern music anymore. Nowadays the singers use voice enhancers called “vocaloids” that make them all sound the same. I think that is a living nightmare!

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  3. Love your poem, Dwight! And I agree!

    All of the singers you named are the voices I grew up with! My Dad played them all the time! And he, also, played a lot of Hank Williams.

    We introduced our children to those same singers and they love them…but especially my oldest…he collects the record albums of some of these men…especially Johnny Cash…and plays them on his turntable. 🙂

    Cool on your first guitar! And learning to play on your own!!!

    My kids play piano, flute, etc. My hubby plays acoustic guitars (has since he was a pre-teenager) and up until Covid19 hit, he was taking bass guitar lessons.

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  4. Cannot tell you in mere words how much I enjoyed this … I would have to hug you! The Statler Brothers songs take up a lot of space on my walking playlist! Alabama and Oak Ridge Boys (!!!) I grew up on the real low-down country tunes my grandmother whistled as she baked from scratch biscuits.

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  5. Yes, this speaks to my heart where has the music gone? I just took a drive in my car and listened to some classic rock with the windows down and the sunroof open. Singing as loud as I can on the
    open road. Who doesn’t like old Johnny Cash music?

    I Keep A Close Watch On This Heart Of Mine
    I Keep My Eyes Wide Open All The Time.

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    • Thank you for you wonderful response. I can see you going down the road with music trailing out the sunroof!! His show is still on late Saturday night with folks from the seventies who were popular like Roy Orbison and Glen Campbell, now long gone!


  6. Dwight — I read your post yesterday in my email inbox, but didn’t make it over to WordPress. Today I got notice of a new song’s release, and when I heard it, I thought of you and this post!! No bass, just women, but oooohhhh such sweet vocal harmonies!!! I hope you enjoy it!

    Have a very blessed weekend, jen

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    • Oh, this is very sweet music indeed! Thank you so much for sharing this. I am sure there is new music coming out all the time like this that does not make the pop charts or the radio play! Very nice Jen.

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