Winter of my Mind (in this summer of my life)

EER_0599 (2)

I am in the winter of my mind, where shadows creep

and darkness comes early // seeming never to sleep…

closing in and overshadowing my thoughts.


Creativity remains with each bright new day

bringing a spot of sunshine from friends far away

of like minded bloggers and a few online friends.


I must close off the darkness // of  “hurricane News”

and “tornadoes of fear” // with darkness infused

leaving my mind destroyed by what I hear.


I’ll go back to my writing and pretend not to see

the streets in upheaval and the mothers who plea

for children caught in the crossfire // each day, it seems.


For truth these days seem more one’s perception

with marching politicians and Covid physicians

and dissent is met with racial accusations.

Photo; Dwight L. Roth

I am sharing this on open link night at d”Verse poets night.  With all that has been going on the past five months, I feel a little stir-crazy at times. Seems a lot of others feel the same way from all chaos I  see happening across the country, on the evening news. It pains me to see children shot, and no one seems to raise a voice or carry a sign for them. Very sad indeed! These are some of my thoughts as I stay in my cocoon!

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I got my inspiration for this poem today, after reading Lynn’s Poem this morning:

window to writer’s world

65 thoughts on “Winter of my Mind (in this summer of my life)

  1. So much truth here in this piece. You’ve communicated this wonderfully, Dwight. The world is insane, and I feel that as we move forward with each day, the less that people want to know exactly what is going on. Therefore, we find our mini escapisms whether through friends online, writing, or reading. It seems as well the more we hear, the more inclined we’d want to be isolated from this news. It’s sad.

    You describe this well in your piece. I enjoyed reading it greatly! Thank you for sharing it. ❤

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  2. A very good poignant poem Dwight, with your words resonating loudly down here Geelong… I think we are feeling the weight of mental fatigue within our psyches. .. Sometimes the air seems heavy and cloudy… and can be leading us astray during these times of Lockdown days (we’ve just started another 6 weeks of isolation restrictions)…

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  3. I’m imagining some old english movie where someone is reading this poem and everyone just does a stamding ovation…truly beautiful🥺💕..someone really does have to speak up and I’m glad that you do it like this🤲🏽

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  4. You’ve captured all of this in powerful, poignant ways in your poem, Dwight!

    I feel the need to stay informed…and smart…and helpful concerning what is going on…but I need those times of escape because the sadness, uncertainty, etc., can become overwhelming.

    We all need to be uplifted…and your poetry does that…it helps us…so keep writing. 🙂

    The idea of winter in the mind, during summer…is brilliant! 🙂

    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…Love the gorgeous layers of nature in your photo!


  5. This resonates with so many. I have never been so grateful for the dVerse online community as I have been since mid-March when it seems like the earth tilted on its axis and everything went askew. These are such challenging times, no matter the partisan side one aligns with. The deaths and illnesses are real. The coming to grips with inequities is real. I’m of the opinion we cannot ignore the situations but must somehow, in trying to learn about this horrific Covid-19 and putting ourselves in the shoes of others, keep a positive attitude.
    Thanks for posting.

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  6. Your words touch such a chord with me. It is hard to keep the dark thoughts of winter at bay with we are presented only worrisome news. We certainly have no voice of reason to look to from our appointed leader, and we must find our own diversion, clinging to our faith and surrounding ourselves with those we love.

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  7. Writing is truly a refuge, it is a place where one has some measure of control and tranquility, too.

    I like your last stanza a lot. It captures our turmoils, yet I still hope that they will make the country stronger, not shattered; and the people wiser.

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  8. Well done, Dwight. The hurricanes and the “tornadoes of fear” are apt terms. There is so much swirling about–hate, fear, misinformation. . .I feel like I need to know what’s going on and not be one of those people who watch while bad things happen, but I do need to stop and literally smell the flowers, too.

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    • Thank you Merril! It is such a disconcerting time for misinformation. Very discouraging at time to see playing out. I am with you. Sometimes I just turn it off and write or find something more uplifting to do.

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  9. For me, the last two lines–built on the rest–are especially telling and have power:

    with marching politicians and Covid physicians

    and dissent is met with racial accusations.

    The meter and the word choice make these particularly memorable.

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