A View From My Window

IMG_3485 (2)

Perspective is everything when it comes to a buying a home.

We said we wanted a house with trees // but there was only one on our lot

When we walked in,  it was the window view out the back that sold us

A woods filled with trees reaching for the sky joined our barren lot

Since then, much was added to the ever changing seen.

Two wild willows,  now thirty feet tall,  shade our Shangri-La

There’s a lilac and a crape myrtle,  and a garden lush and green

The bird feeder entertains me all day long it seems

and not just the birds, but squirrels and chipmunks too

So when I look out the window my heart thrills with the view

Now in this summer heat, I’ll go back to my reclining chair 

Drink some ice tea, prop up my feet, and enjoy the view from there!

IMG_3217 (2)


IMG_3712 (2)

The view of our back yard in February 2011 when we saw it for the first time. We knew it had potential to become something more than this!!

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Peter asked to to take a photo from our window and then write a poem about it. When I look at the early photos of our back yard, and then at the ones I took this evening, It is amazing how much the view changed. Vision and perspective change everything.

Join us at: https://dversepoets.com


90 thoughts on “A View From My Window

  1. It doesn’t even look like the same place! It looks very lush and cared for. Those chairs under the trees look like a perfect place to sit and have a conversation or just enjoy the view together in silence.

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  2. Such a beautiful poem; very eloquently written, and it seems that you got your wish! I admit my jaw dropped when looking at the before and after pictures of the outdoor view. They look so different! That’s amazing how far it came from being barren to so full of life and nature. This is an excellent piece that you’ve penned here. ❤ I love it!

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  3. Lovely poems and ofcourse the view from your window is very picturesque. You are lucky to enjoy the bounties of nature, sa our it. From my window I can only see the sands of vast Arabian desert, few inhabitant like sand lizard 🦎 and succulent shrubs survive the harshness of the land. There is an oasis some miles away, will go there for some relief 🙂

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  4. There is so much going on in your back garden, Dwight, lots of colour, different shapes, and perspectives! I would love to live in or by some woods. You’re another fan of bird feeders, too. You’ve performed garden magic on that plot!

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  5. Love the before and after photos Dwight. The garden bears the fruits and trees of your hard work and dedication, and vision of what it could be. Love the bird feeders too – you got a show there everyday.

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  6. Smart to understand the importance of the view when looking at homes. I was very inward directed when I was buying my own house 5 years ago, and didn’t think about the lack of good views.

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  7. OHMYGOSH! Look what your hard work, tender loving care, and vision became…a ShangriLa, for sure!!! 🙂 How wonderful, Dwight! Your window frames a place of peace, joy, and renewal! Your amazing poem captures it all! 🙂
    I would sit out there all the time, and never get anything else done! 😉 HA!
    HUGS to you and your family!!!

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  8. What an amazing transition! You truly turned a mess into a Shangri-La. It’s obvious there was a lot of hard work and planning to make this change become reality. Thank you for following Eugi’s Causerie II.

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