Little Buddy


In this pandemic, “Little Buddy” is the only one still running the rat race every day. Our son got us a robo-vac machine for Christmas. It is an interesting gadget that runs all over the house and cleans the floors.  It took us awhile to get figured out, but with the help of our grandson we found we could manipulate it quite well.
We have personified it to the point of actually talking to it when it doesn’t do what we want, or gets stuck under the entertainment center. It comes on every morning at ten-thirty, shocking us with a start-up beep. It does get places we don’t normally reach, such as under the beds and furniture. He fills up with dust and lint every day.  It has now become the third member of the family!!
Little Buddy beeps
Waking up from quiet sleep
Runs around the house
Collecting dust as he creeps
Squealing for our help
Wrapped tightly in a light cord
We get him unwound
Down the hall    he’s bedroom bound
Gathering dust balls
In places we can’t reach
Then its home again
For a recharge and a sleep
Wakes in the morning
With that same loud beep

Little Buddy

Photos: Dwight L. Roth




20 thoughts on “Little Buddy

    • Yes , we do too. He does go on the carpets. Not trouble on the short nap regular carpet, but works a little harder on the short tight weave 9x12s. We also have a portable Sanitaire small canister vac that I got on line, that works good on the hardwood.

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  1. We love ours too! Ours is definitely a ‘he’ – as I’m the only female in my home and I’d like to keep it that way {for now!} 😉 We’ve named ours Rex and I’m considering adding him to our annual Christmas Card picture we send family this year — he’s been a great help to me, works hard, and except for an ‘Error 17’ {when he can’t find his home}, has been without fail, the one who’s complained least about ongoing quarantine! An Ode to the Vacuum!!

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