IMG_4997 (2)

There is a lot of history in rust
Experiences hidden away in flecks of iron
A lot like us holding life together
Outwardly flaking away with time’s oxidation
Held together through times of storm
Standing proud in the strength of youth
There is a lot of history in rust
Secrets left untold in deteriorating minds
Lost forever in hurricanes last blow
Just oxidation on the beach

IMG_5026 (2)

Photos: Dwight L. Roth


39 thoughts on “Rust

  1. I really liked the analogy of rust with experience and it’s ability to withstand storm, outwardly oxidized but inwards stronger due to trails of life. You did a fine job with the words, relevant for the present time. Great work Monsieur!

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  2. You have made such a sensitive analogy. Makes me think, have I been unnoticing towards the ongoing rusting on and around me? Have I mistaken the flakes that formed as repulsive crusts and not seen what is lost when they fall off? The last two lines made me particularly sad. Heart touching, and the photos are lovely…

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