Sweet Spot

DSC_0601 (2)

The hummingbird has been coming to my feeder for the past few days. Perhaps it is the sugar water I added the the fermenting red brew. Such a beautiful creature, and such minute perfection! They are one of God’s special creations and a gift to all!

Amazing creature

Fermented sweet summer drink

Built-in drinking straw

DSC_0600 (3)

DSC_0599 (3)

DSC_0597 (4)

Now you see me

Illusion of camouflage

Now you don’t

DSC_0602 (5)

Photos today: Dwight L. Roth






33 thoughts on “Sweet Spot

  1. I love hummingbirds! When I was new in teaching and full of angst about the abuse of power our superintendent and school board were exerting, I became president of our CTA (California Teachers Assoc.) – and earned the nickname of “The rabble-rousing hummingbird!”

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    • Thank you Ivor! I was excited when I looked back at my shots. It was a lucky shot for sure!
      I had not heard this piece before! If more people listened to the hummingbird, perhaps there would be less bickering in the world!

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  2. The photographs are astounding. The words are likable and a treat to read–about the “Built-in drinking straw” and “camouflage.” I didn’t see the bird at first with all the plants. The feeder, by the way, is also attractive.

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    • Thank you so much for your kind words. Interestingly, I had the feeder up all summer and it is only in the last week or two that I have seen them come. Then on Saturday I added some more sugar water to the mix and they can’t seems to get enough!


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