Each Day a Gift

IMG_4969 (2)

These days, every day is a gift….

but then again, it has always been that way!

The significance of being becomes more significant

the closer one gets to the horizon

Freedom becomes being able to get up every morning

have breakfast and enjoy the day

Rumblings of disease and discord are stealing our rainbows

along with the imaginary pot of gold!

The simple life we longed for is now a never ending experience

leaving us ready // itching to get out an about once more

Death has always been on the horizon for each of us

It is just a part of our life experience at any age

But, until that time let us enjoy the gift of life

For tomorrow things will change…


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Inspiration bits for this poem came from a poem by Paul V. Cannon. You can read his poem here:



A poem by Christine Bolton… you can read her poem here:


38 thoughts on “Each Day a Gift

  1. Great post, Dwight! I especially liked the lines,” Rumblings of disease and discord are stealing our rainbows, along with the imaginary pot of gold!” It’s sad to be in a situation that threatens our hopes, but losing our illusions may be a positive development. Take care, Cheryl

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  2. The poem is right–each day is a gift! In the offing might be “disease and discord,” and we might have to deal with these. Maybe today. But we get to rise each day, hopefully enjoy our smaller pleasures (such as breakfast), and look forward to grander ones. I think appreciating giftedness makes everything better for the living.

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