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Can one change the seasons or rush them into being

Make the Earth move faster in its revolution around the Sun

They all move in their designated times and spacings


Try as we may we cannot rush nature’s happenings

When we realize we too are part of that natural cycle

Perhaps we can relax and enjoy life happenings


We live in a world of beck and call // demanding

Results in minutes and hours // not months and days

Entitled souls // we believe we’re deserving


Nature has stopped us in our tracks

Showed us who really sets the course of our lives

And leaves us lying flat on our backs


As the world turns and the seasons change

Earth will be here long after we are gone

Reclaiming itself // and only our fossils will remain


Painting: Dwight L. Roth

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57 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. This poem speaks volumes of truth. Earth will be here long after we are gone. We need to appreciate the moments of our life. Nature speaks wisdom if only we would listen and learn. Love this poem!

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  2. Dwight, thank you for this very wise message. It is that sense of entitlement that gets us into trouble. We destroy the earth because of our greed, disregarding wildlife, our own health, and the ruined world we will leave for future generations.

    I kinda like the idea of becoming a fossil though. Maybe I shouldn’t plan to be cremated after all! : )

    Take care. Cheryl

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  3. You write this with a very clear voice Dwight and I found it to be especially heartening – to some degree my own piece this month echoes some of the themes here too…

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    • Thank you so much! I appreciate your kind affirmation. I feel like poetry must be more that just a cute form. It needs to speak to what is happening all around and inside us.


  4. Very apt poem for our climate and virus crisis times. We need to be more humble and accepting of the ways of the natural world and change our destructive ways. We all become bones but hope we do not destroy too many other species if we continue this dismal path. Your poem shows the need for us to understand where we fit in the bigger picture.

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  5. Current as only time and sea can be, loved especially
    “We live in a world of beck and call // demanding

    Results in minutes and hours // not months and days

    Entitled souls // we believe we’re deserving”

    Humanity really has no long term scope or idea or more worryingly maybe, even purpose or direction, ‘except a dire one, across the cliff to the currents that will wash us away.. until, maybe, hopefully we come together, it is our only hope.. Really hard to see that happening, though.. Thank you Dwight!

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      • That it Will, though I believe it will go okay, but we are just choosing somehow the harder more painful way to understanding than is needed, for fear, unability to emote or make sense together. But in the end, I believe all is as we are, in nature no good or bad, just experience. And I hope some critical mass of positive would flip the.. Current 😆sry , just had to use the c word yet again when a moment came. So people like you give me hope, who see.

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  6. This is incredibly poignant! 💝 I must confess your poem made me very emotional as I read on. Especially resonate with; “Nature has stopped us in our tracks/Showed us who really sets the course of our lives.” Write on.

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  7. I couldn’t have expressed it better than that. So true! It is frustrating to watch people so selfish that they cannot sacrifice material things and events for even a short while so that we can return to “normal”. There are a few in my country that are impatient but it is mind boggling to watch the U.S. navigate (or refuse to navigate) through these times. Beautifully rendered, Dwight.

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