Divide and Conquer

EER_0158 (2)

The communist leader, Khrushchev once said

We will destroy America, not with guns and missiles,

we will destroy America (with a revolution) from within!”

Little did he know the effects of future social media.

His prophesy seems to be coming true as we grow apart.

Divide and conquer // a long held strategy, seems to work;

Who needs guns and missiles when we do it to ourselves?

Perhaps it is time to lay down our tongues of war

Our hateful politics, our social judgments, our racial biases

and our Holier than thou Religion.

Time to quit feeding on only what is being fed to us by

our enemies on social media and the News talking heads.

We are in a war for our lives, both physically and politically.

We have spent the last twenty plus years refusing to co-operate;

Being fed misinformation and devouring twisted truth.

Maybe it really is time to sing Kum Ba Ya together…

To listen to one another // to learn to compromise

and in my own naïve way, believe it can happen…

Before it is too late!

Photo taken at the Mutart Conservatory in Edmonton, AB – Dwight L. Roth

Merril at d’Verse, has has asked us to write about revolution,  This poem goes to back to a time when the Cold War with Russia was at it’s peak. Long before many of our younger blogers were born, the Russians were in the business of revolution. They suceeded in Cuba and were ready to plant missles there until JFK gave them an ultimatum. The desire to cause revolution in this country is very real and is being fed by our social media every day. It is time to use common sense and quite being manipulated by what we feed on.

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57 thoughts on “Divide and Conquer

    • You are welcome! I don’t really think we realize what we are doing to ourselves when we act this way. The younger generation has no concept of the turbulent times of the 60’s. You would think the old folks would know better!

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  2. This is prophetic, as in interpreting the present with an eye toward the future. The image is good-looking and indicative, too. We might have adversaries in the world, but we have become our own dragons. Our institutions are failing by division or corruption. If Krushchev was a prophet, too, then maybe another one has an idea, Hillary Clinton. We might need to keep our villages. In them, we would need to be welcoming and inclusive as well as productive. We could pull it off.

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  3. Perfectly expressed and it’s said we find ourselves in these times. While we all have the power to make a change, I hope those that can truly do something impactful about it are listening and are not too proud to lay down their ego’s.

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  4. Sadly, our hippy dreams have morphed into fascist chaos, a pandemic, and a plethora of bad actors pushing for Apocalypse Now. Amen to your message. We are late for the party, global warming and saving democracy. The question is, is it too late?

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  5. My daughter just showed me a cartoon of a king looking down on a mob from his castle. His advisor is saying “You don’t have to fight them. You just have to convince the people with the torches that the people with the pitchforks are going to take their torches off them”.

    A rallying cry for commonsense is hard to do, but I think you make it work!!!

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  6. Dictators throughout history have tried to divide and feed the people with false information–during the Cold War we had McCarthy and Red Scares. You’re right it’s worse with social media where a bot can post something that’s seen by millions within minutes. I hope we can find a way to cooperate, fight fascism, and make the world a better place. Thanks for adding your thoughts!

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