Moment in Time


September air held a slight chill.

Friends were warm and caring

as Uncle David was memorialized;

Now, we explored tangible roots

at the old Snavely Mill of his childhood

where he and brother Paul played

boating and swimming at the millpond.


Suddenly // seemingly out of nowhere

a Great White Egret rose majestically

from the rust colored weeds

dying along the pond’s edge.

Circling for a moment above the trees

it flew gracefully on up the pond

and out of sight…

EER_0374 (2)

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

This is the eighth anniversary for the d”Verse Poets Pub. Brian shared some special moments in time that we all experience. He asked us to think about a special moment in time and write a poem to take us there!  This is one of my favorite moments I have experienced. Hope you enjoy it too!

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50 thoughts on “Moment in Time

  1. The indigenous people explain that when wildlife shows up at a memorial, they carry messages from the one departed. How wonderful to see that egret in a spot your uncle loved as a boy. Beautiful.

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  2. There is little better than capturing favorite moments, to immerse ourselves in them, recreating them in words, so that they become greater within us, and become woven into the fabric of our being, man painting his own life portrait.

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  3. This gave me goosebumps! So often we hear a tale of some element of nature seeming to send a message of solace when saying goodbye to a loved one. This is one of those stories that touches the heart.

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